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Learning Swedish besides SFI in GÖTEBORG

Looking for any other ways

post 10.Apr.2013, 11:33 AM
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Hello friends.

I am currently looking for ANY OTHER way to learn Swedish, in Goteborg. So far I have only found several possibilities and I wonder if there are more.

Got. Universitet - seems only possible if you attend any other course within University.
Folk Universitet - about 5k for 3 weeks. Quite insane payment, and I am out of job at the moment sad.gif

Is there any other ways? I have tried to google but my research did not succeed much. Something I have found along the lines on the forum

I took an intensive beginners course at vuxenskola (vuxenskola are in every big city/town in Sweden) ...It cost 2000 SEK, for 3 months and 36 hours of lessons, which was pretty good.

however I could not find any of those. Is there REALLY any other possibility than SFI, Gtb Uni, Folkuniversitet ? Are there any of those vuxenskola within Goteborg that mentioned in the quote?

much appreciate any help.
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post 10.Apr.2013, 12:45 PM
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Try the links on this website and see if they help at all.
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post 10.Apr.2013, 07:50 PM
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The choices you listed are I think your only choices. The level of swedish language teaching is very variable (mostly poor), if you go down the SFI/komvux route or horribly expensive if you choose the Folkuniversitetet route. Note that the FU do evening courses that are about half the price of the day intensive courses.

I have been in your situation and the only thing I could do was teach myself. To help there are lots of language cafes held all over the city in the libraries, red cross, medborgarskolan and the språkcafe by Järntorget. If you wanted to you could go to one everyday of the week, which would help with speaking. Also many libraries do läxhjälp and läs och skrivstöd to help you with the grammar and writing. You need to google, go to your local library or the global library on hamngatan.
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post 10.Apr.2013, 08:01 PM
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Well how about self-study?

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post 11.Apr.2013, 03:14 PM
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1. Get the book "Swedish Grammar in English". It costs about 200 SEK (I think), but it's a good 'un. You can buy it from the languages bookshop on Rosenlundsgatan.

2. Consider coughing up for a 6 week evening course at Folkuniversitet. It's half the price of the course you mentioned and will give you a good grounding in grammar and pronunciation.

3. Teach yourself. Lessons alone do not magically make you fluent in Swedish, although I get the impression that some people think it does! You have to keep practicing, reading, listening and speaking to build up your vocabulary.
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post 12.Apr.2013, 09:26 PM
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QUOTE (PDX @ 10.Apr.2013, 08:01 PM) *
Well how about self-study?. ~~~PDX~~~

Well it seems indeed, that my only option besides SFI is a self study. As lovely people mentioned above the choices are really narrow unless you have a really/quote good income that you can afford the Folkuniversitet etc. My problem is that I am really really bad at self discipline, but what the heck, I feel it is time to start working on it.

Thank you all that replied with suggestions and links!
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post 12.Apr.2013, 09:54 PM
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try this,
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post 14.May.2013, 01:24 PM
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Take a look at for help!
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post 14.May.2013, 04:06 PM
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Just out of curiosity, why are you so against SFI?

I have studied at both folkuniversitetet and currently at SFI now and if i'm being completely honest teachers and the course at SFI I feel is actually better!
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post 13.Aug.2014, 02:46 PM
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QUOTE (djkroo @ 10.Apr.2013, 12:33 PM) *
Hello friends.I am currently looking for ANY OTHER way to learn Swedish, in Goteborg. So far I have only found several possibilities and I wonder if there are more.Got. Univer ... (show full quote)

try this site:
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post 14.Aug.2014, 01:29 PM
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Is it possible to get SFI for EU citizens if staying in airBnB in Stockholm do you think? It says a person needs to be resident...not sure if that qualifies if staying for say a month in a AirBnB

Also Pooya is correct but the link is broken, go to the study in sweden website do a search and you can then find learn swedish information.
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