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Au pair for an expat

possibility? options? language courses?

post 19.Jan.2016, 01:34 PM
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I am new to Sweden. I am moving to take a permanent contract with a large financial institution in Stockholm. We have two kids and plan to have a decent size property, so we consider hosting an au pair from my home (non-EU) country.

I have read Migration Agency website thoroughly, but there are still quite a few outstanding questions remain.

1. I have talked to a couple of specialized au pair agencies both in Sweden and in my home country and their answer is simple: no, you can't host an au pair, because you don't speak Swedish home. Then I talked personally to a Migration agency representative in Stockholm and she was very puzzled to hear my question and told she never heard my nationality or my mother tongue may be an obstacle. So my first question is does any ex pat around here have a successful experience of hosting a non-EU au pair. Should I even dare to apply? Or should I rather focus on the EU candidates?

2. Language courses is something I can't find much information about. If I host a non-EU au pair s/he can work as an au pair for 25 hours per week and must attend language classes for most of the 40-25=15 hours a week, say, 8 hours per week. Suppose I want to host an au pair for 12 months. When I go to Folkuniversitetet website, they only register for 5-7 week courses 3 months in advance. I couldn't find a language course for an au pair that would give him/her 8 hours a week enrollment for 12 continuous months. I realize that once an au pair is here, I can continuously enroll him/her into langugage classes once registration opens. But in order to get his/her au pair visa, I need to provide a certificate of enrollment and I suspect it should be an enrollment for his/her full term as an au pair. Sounds like Catch 22. Anybody had an experience with successful application for a long-term au per permit? How did you deal with that enrollment certificate issue?

Thanks in advance.
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yet another brit
post 19.Jan.2016, 04:16 PM
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Years ago, we had au-pairs from both the US and Aus. I don't recall that there was any issue - we just stated (as in fact happened) that they would enroll in Swedish language courses at Folkuniversitet at our expense. I don't recall anything about home language. I *do* recall a requirement to provide insurance. Whatever, it was years who knows.
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