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Which one you choose to live in ? state the reason

post 3.Feb.2014, 10:55 AM
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QUOTE (NightWings @ 3.Feb.2014, 08:00 AM) *
Melbourne weather has been lovely from the time we got here to around Christmas time, since then It has been ghastly for me, as I have to hide away indoors from the heat. Bein ... (show full quote)

Hey there, have you thought about move to Hobart? it's a bigger city and it's also very beautiful, the buildings there are very european, i love Hobart.

honestly, i am very jealous you live in Tasmania. I live in Australia for 2 years and i miss OZ every single day since i left. Why? Aussies are friendly and helpful. When my bf and I were travelling in Tasmania, we met a couple fishing by the beach, we started talking to each other and they offered to let us camp in their back yard. We cooked dinner for them and had a few drinks and laughs together. it's the random kindness in people that i miss the most. The snow and darkness in Sweden is nothing, but the coldness in people really gets me. I have learnt to ignore people around me when i go out, it's sad but that's how things are here.

of course it's good to come here for a holiday, but to choose where to live, i will totally stay in oz.
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Abe L
post 3.Feb.2014, 01:57 PM
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Australia hands down. Most pros and cons have been listed, I find the only real con to be the distance to anywhere else other then the surrounding islands. Another pro that was missed is the considerable amount of national resources that will continue to support the economy for the next few decades.

QUOTE (Opalnera @ 18.Jan.2014, 06:51 PM) *
Ok well here's an opinion of someone who has actually lived in both countries:Australia ConsUniversity is not free (although there is a loan system for paying back univers ... (show full quote)

None of these are cons.

Sweden Pros

Almost free daycare and after school programs.
Compulsory paid parental leave.
Snowy winters (if you like that sort of thing).
Socially acceptable to be cheap.
Close to Europe and US for travel.
Swedes prefer to work smart rather than hard.

None of those are pros with the exception of snowy winters and Swedes simply do not work smart (not hard either).

Subsidised daycare, after school problems and taxpayer funded parental leave (along with healthcare to 21 and free education) are only pros for people with children. In the narrow-minded world vision of a Swede it's not possible not to have children but some people simply do not want them or can't have them but are still forced to pay for the upkeep of other people's children. Hence this is a con, having children should be a choice and people should individually foot the bill, not society.
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post 4.Feb.2014, 08:43 AM
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[quote name='jullypit' date='3.Feb.2014, 09:55 AM' post='827964']
Hey there, have you thought about move to Hobart? it's a bigger city and it's also very beautiful, the buildings there are very european, i love Hobart.

Hi Jullypit

I live in Melbourne since April 2013. I spent a couple of days in Hobart, it was quite nice, visited Salamanca Markets of course. There are some nice buildings there and that European look which I love. Brisbane is always ruining it's heritage buildings, even the little that is left there now. Now The Barrier Reef is also under threat from this government which everyone loves to hate. The memes on facebook are getting very creative!

I might go back to Tasmania one day. The only good thing about Devonport is it is more even temperature than Launceston and Hobart, both of which can get quite hot. I guess one of my big gripes is hot weather, y'think? o.O But Devonport is too poor and backward, so won't go there again. I might consider Hobart one day. I really don't know, I guess I'm unsure about the way life is in today's world. Maybe I'm looking for something but chasing my tail. I do take on board what people are saying about Swedes, then again I am home a lot as a carer for my son so at present I'm not getting out much so hypothetically I may not find attitudes in Sweden as difficult as some, as I've had to become accustomed to doing my own thing. Anyway I wouldn't afford to live there, it just seems appealing, the forests nearby and that type of thing.

If I stay in Melbourne I might go a little bit further East, into the Yarra Ranges area. Warburton, Healesville, which remind me of Tassie. Shame pictures aren't compressed when uploading I was going to post you a nice pic from Hobart. The place definitely has it's charm factor.
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TL | Oliver Gee
post 4.Feb.2014, 03:53 PM
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As an Australian living in Sweden, I've really enjoyed reading through these responses.

For a young guy with no kids, the major difference for me is the weather.

Otherwise they pretty much even out. Less snakes here too.
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