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Second job / part time job. How to tax / report

What to know abotu a second job.

post 5.Mar.2020, 01:18 PM
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I recently moved to Sweden.
And I have a regular , stable job at an office.
But I would like to explore the idea of a second job on the side, what I then probably later, can turn into something self employed, or at least cover part of my expenses through a second soruce of income.

Now, I am not looking for ideas what I could do for a job... But rather, I'm hoping for some clarity on how the regulations here are regarding a second job and/or even a side gig (like freelancing)

Obviously and clearly, my main job is never supposed to be competing (time or energy wise) with whatever I have on the side. But what else is there to know?

* How easy is it to get a second job (let's say a second office job with 10-20 hours a week). Can you be employed at 2 companies at once?

* How easy is it to report taxes on 2 jobs at once? What is there I should know or be aware off? (E.g. in Germany you can have whatever second job as you want, as long as it bringing you less money and requires less hours than your main job.)

* How easy is it to try out self employed side gigs (e.g. freelancer work) on the side? Are there regulations, that I need to be aware off? (e.g. in Germany you can start a one man show (limited to only 3 years and is capped to a maximal income of xxx euros) to try out a business idea and if it takes of the ground, you then cna quit your day job and register a proper business, etc - Is it the same here?)

Thank you all in advance,

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Uncle Fred
post 6.Mar.2020, 12:06 AM
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Are you having a problem making ends meet.
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post 6.Mar.2020, 07:00 AM
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I don't have problems making ends meet when it comes just to the day to day life. But there's not much left to save up for an emergency fund smile.gif

So, any ideas if that's ok, or what kind of regulations and restrictions I have to take into consideration?
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post 8.Mar.2020, 11:13 PM
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Never heard about rules like those in Germany.

The jobs can't interfere with each other, you can't come tired to the second job.
I read that some stuff might be in the collective agreements or the job contracts:
- working for a competitor might be disallowed
- you might need to inform the employers (can of course be a good idea anyway)

I guess running your own business follow the same rules.

Tax wise it should be easy to report (basically both employers report and you just acknowledge). But both employers will withhold too little tax. You can ask them to withhold more or just save money yourself. To avoid interest, up to 30,000 SEK tax is payable in beginning of May at the same time when the tax report is due. Over 30,000 SEK in the middle of February.
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post 9.Mar.2020, 08:15 AM
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do not worry about paying to little tax on both jobs. taxman always takes to much and then refunds difference after tax year ends.
If you become self employed make sure you are not over estimated future profit as skateverket will charge tax every month in advance against your future earnings.
I would say do not look for obstacles or excuses just do it, you will sort everything on the way, good luck
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