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European Internet shopping sites

List your favorite stores that ship to Sweden.

post 15.Dec.2011, 10:00 AM
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This is a great British food shop online. They have Tesco, Marks & spencers, Waitrose and Sainsbury's food.They send worldwide too with great service.
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post 15.Dec.2011, 10:51 AM
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Location: Dalarna
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I looked at this one before - but it makes me nervous that they will not give you any set shipping tarrifs like most internet shops have a scale - I always get a little suspicious of internet companies that refuse to state this openly

This Christmas I have bought stuff from many companies that ship to Sweden including:

Marks & Spencers (sadly not the Christmas party food) - £7.50 shipping per order to Sweden
Debenhams - £7 shipping
Arcadia Group - Burton/Evans/Wallis/ Top Shop etc - £6 for regular delivers/£14 for express where your order arrives in 6 days or less
Lakeland - £7.50 per order
Amazon UK - free if over £25
British Corner Shop - groceries £20.99 - for up to 30kg box
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post 15.Dec.2011, 11:05 AM
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I totally understand.

Though I've noticed they've recently changed their site, so I think they're making a lot of changes as on their old site they had more information.

I've ordered from them before and I've had no trouble at all, just really great customer service.
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post 15.Dec.2011, 11:06 AM
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What is their shipping cost?
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post 15.Dec.2011, 12:59 PM
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The delivery tab at the bottom of the webpage is pretty clear about the costs :

At your products are all shipped via DHL or Royal Mail
Your products are fully trackable via the DHL international website here
Shipping cost is calculated based on the total weight of your order. The general rule is that the more you order, the cheaper your shopping becomes per kilo. We are committed to giving you the lowest possible shipping costs
As you shop, the shopping basket calculates the shipping tariff of the weight band you are in and lets you know exactly how much weight you have added
All destinations vary and we offer a number of shipping options.
its journey to your door will take no longer than 48 hours (hampers will take an extra 2 days for delivery). Then, depending on the country you are residing in, the goods will arrive from between one day after despatch up to a maximum of a week for more remote places.
If your order exceeds a weight of 200kg please contact us to allow us to calculate a competitve rate for shipping your products

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post 15.Dec.2011, 01:09 PM
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If you put stuff in the basket it can then estimate the shipping costs. What I would like to know is, why is a 969g tin of Quality Street charged as a 2.5kg package for delivery purposes? What a freaking rip-off...
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Rick Methven
post 15.Dec.2011, 01:59 PM
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QUOTE (Puffin @ 15.Dec.2011, 11:06 AM) *
What is their shipping cost?

after a lot of faffing around, I found the shipping cost

Denmark, Sweden & Finland 0-5kg £20.26

That is VERY expensive

The other thing I do not like is the lack of any company background/information. A bit dodgy
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*Sol Beer*
post 26.Jan.2012, 08:51 PM
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if you want to get the cheapest Anime DVD, just visit our website:
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post 27.Jan.2012, 09:56 AM
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among those already mentioned, for cycling, running and swimming there's £4.99 Delivery, Free on orders over £50

I've been using wiggle for many years, long before I moved to sweden and couldn't recomend them enough. Great customer service too.
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Bender B Rodriquez
post 27.Jan.2012, 11:52 AM
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QUOTE (Puffin @ 23.Apr.2010, 11:07 AM) *
Amazon for books and DVDs - although their shipping times have become long since they changed their shipping service last autumn - if in a hurry choose Amazon canadas expedite ... (show full quote)

I often find cheaper than, even after freight and taxes.
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post 27.Jan.2012, 12:51 PM
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I have nothing to contribute but wanted to save this thread! Thanks for all the suggestions!
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post 27.Jan.2012, 03:54 PM
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I only just used it for the first time, but:

Sports Direct has outrageously cheap stuff - it's not just sports goods, either. A lot of stuff for as low as £1 that you would pay 5-10 times as much for in Sweden.

I just ordered some quite heavy sports equipment, and the best thing was the p&p came to only £8.99 - 3 days later it was delivered to my door (a miracle in itself).
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post 28.Jan.2012, 04:39 PM
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For books - if you don't mind second hand ones - its worth checking out

I've never been misled by their descriptions of the items which are quite often far cheaper than Amazon. They accept orders on behalf of a number of suppliers - some books I've received in 3 days, others in 5 weeks, so delivery speeds depend how efficient the bookseller
is unsure.gif

Postage reasonable too.
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post 29.Jan.2012, 12:56 PM
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As yet untried, but they would seemingly meet the requirements of many on this forum with regard to foodstuffs, and the goods available seem fairly reasonable priced. It appears that some also go out and buy you requirements at M & S etc, and then pack your box..

[url=""] Buy British food online
[url=""] British Food Shopping British Expats Supermarket
[url=""] British Shopping Online
[url=""] ExPat Shopping, British Food Online, UK Groceries

Clearly their freight costs must be weighed against what is available here at the extra cost i.e. The English Shop and its somewhat exorbitant prices, but then I have no intention of trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs on that score cool.gif
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post 6.Mar.2012, 02:02 PM
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QUOTE (llaregub @ 23.Apr.2010, 11:56 AM) *
And for any diy enthusiasts who need tools... . Axminster for tools etc.. also these guys...

Or for the more industrious DIYer there's Dustraction who specialise in... Dust Extraction no less!
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