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Self employment in Sweden

Moms, F-Kasse etc..

post 5.Jan.2013, 10:25 AM
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I have recently found some contract work for which I am going to sign up as self employed. There are a couple of things I dont really understand..specifically when signing up for f-kassa tax it asks me about incoming and outgoing moms (vat). Here are some figures for example, I was hoping someone could help me:

Say I declare that I am going to have 100000 sek total incoming year 1.
80000 profit before tax. 20000 on equipment, expenses. The guy at skatteverket said the moms incoming/outgoing might be something like 30000/10000. I didnt understand this at all. I know these figures don't have to be totally accurate.

Any thoughts on tax in sweden and self employment gratefully received.
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post 6.Jan.2013, 02:13 PM
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On everything you earn you have to add the Moms which is different from tax.
Say you earn 100000 plus the Moms at 25% would mean you have 125000
The 25000 goes straight to the taxman.
You then have 100000 left. You would then take away the 20000 in costs to leave you with the 80000 profit.
Approximately just under half of this will go to the taxman as other taxes i.e. Income tax. Leaving you with just over 40000.
Of course you can claim back the Moms on the materials you have bought so you would get back 25% of the 20000 costs you invested.
Hope this helps. I am no expert btw, but I did get the Fskatt last year so I am learning how it works being self employed.

If you give somebody a price you always out Moms on top.
So for example you say to someone you will do the job for 10000 plus Moms.
If it is a company you are working for, they will be able to claim that back so they will be expecting your price plus the Moms.
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