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Foreign Student can register company in Sweden?

Need Legal help for company registration

post 18.Dec.2012, 04:56 AM
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I am an Indian citizen who plans to study Entrepreneurship in Sweden and after completing studies, hope to register and operate a company in Sweden. Is this legally possible? Would i be granted a residence permit to stay in Sweden to operate the company or would i be asked to leave the country after completion of my studies? Has anyone in this forum tried to do this before? Can you direct me to some website which might have such details? Should i contact lawyers in Sweden to discuss this situation? If yes, could you please provide some recommendations about which lawyer to consult?

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post 18.Dec.2012, 10:38 AM
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A lawyer cannot help You in this instance. When you apply for a student permit You sign a declaration that you are going to leave Sweden once the studies complete. A permit will not be granted if the intention is to stay in Sweden. No lawyer can get around that.

However, You can apply for a student permit, do your studies, and after that create a company and apply for a new permit as Self-employed. Though there are strict conditions for non-EU. Amongst those conditions are ...You have experience running a business of this kind, prepare a detailed business plan, you have enough available funds to support the business, you have enough available funds to support yourself for 2 years (this does not include income from the company), and the business must reach profitability targets within 2 years.
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post 22.Dec.2012, 02:03 PM
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"If you plan to work for a period longer than three months to start up or run your own business or become a part owner of a company, you must have a residence permit, which you apply for at the Swedish Migration Board. As self-employed your are not allowed to take employment with any employer. You apply at a Swedish mission abroad in your native country or the country you are living in."

Good luck with your venture!
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