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Moving for work

Need advice on practical issues

post 5.Nov.2016, 02:00 PM
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I am going to start working in January and planning to move to Sweden in early to mid December so i can settle before i start work. I need advice on two things:

1) Health(general) insurance: Since the employer is responsible for various insurances in Sweden, should i have a travel insurance policy till the date i start working ? if there's better solution from ur experience pls share.

2) Registering at tax authority: I read on their official website that one has to provide home address at the time of registration. Although being optimistic, i hope i can rent out a place to stay as soon i reach. If it takes some time especially due holiday season, should i wait to get registered or they can register without a home address also ?

thanks in advance
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yet another brit
post 5.Nov.2016, 07:09 PM
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I think you may be confused about insurances. The employer doesn't normally provide health insurance; you get the right to full healthcare by being a legal resident. So if you are coming in (even before your job starts) on a work permit of some kind, you shouldn't necessarily need any health insurance, if I understand it correctly. But you'll need to register and get your personal number as quickly as possible.

If you are arriving as a visitor (eg with a tourist visa) for some reason, you would need travel insurance as normal. If you are an EU citizen then just a European Health Insurance Card is needed to get treatment as a visitor.

Once you have started work, your employers insurance will cover you at work (including travel to work) and for business trips, but not at home or for personal travel. So (especially if you go abroad) you'll need to get travel insurance anyway, and this is usually packaged up with home insurance. You'll need home insurance even if you rent.

Unemployment insurance you will be eligible for (assuming your employer pays the taxes it should!), but you still have to join, and pay for being in, an unemployment scheme (A-kassa) to actually get it. This can be done conveniently by joining a union (which will also cost you).
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post 5.Nov.2016, 07:24 PM
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Get the personnummer asap. You will likely have trouble doing much without one (opening a bank account for example) Try to arrange a flat before you arrive.

Also, ~Dec 15th- Jan 15th, don't expect much to happen regarding your "papers" etc, as everyone will be edging on holidays.

Good luck!
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post 5.Nov.2016, 07:46 PM
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QUOTE (Gjeebes @ 5.Nov.2016, 07:24 PM) *
Get the personnummer asap. You will likely have trouble doing much without one (opening a bank account for example) Try to arrange a flat before you arrive.Also, ~Dec 15th- ... (show full quote)

It is a very valid concern. What if you come to Sweden and on day 1 you need to visit doctor in emergency. Since you won't have the person number yet I am suspecting you will find it hard to get things work. I would recommend that you should get the same level of insurance if you were traveling for one month.

Also the insurance provided by your employer is that in the case you are sick for longer than 90 days , that insurance will cover 80 or so percentage of your salary for a while. That will also start after you receive your personal number. You can find details of cover from one provider here
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post 6.Nov.2016, 09:29 AM
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Thank you all, that was very helpful. I should have mentioned that i am a non-EU citizen.

So if i get it right now, all i need is a personnummer and i should be covered under the universal health care policy without having to buy a separate private health insurance. But until i get the personnummer i will need a travel insurance or similar to be safe.

Coming back to my second question, can i get a personnummer without having an address(first few days atleast) coz it may take some time to find a place to rent ?
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