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The Local _ Scania _ Winter running in Malmo

Posted by: amanca 3.Jan.2014, 09:03 PM


I'm a brazilian runner and I'll be in Malmo ultil March... I'm looking for advice on how to keep running, since I'm not used to the cold weather and I have no idea about what to do...

Is there any gym with treadmills that accept foreigners?? Are there outdoor places where people usually run during this period os the year???


Posted by: Svensksmith 3.Jan.2014, 11:11 PM

I don't know why any gym would not accept foreigners but all that aside, I run outside through the winter. I wear warm socks, a hat and gloves, a sweat shirt over a tee shirt and long sweat pants. If it is real cold, I wear long underwear under the sweats and put on a light windbreaker. If I get too warm during the run, I strip off the windbreaker and tie the arms around my waist. If the roads are clear I run in regular running shoes but if they are icy, I have an old pair of running shoes that I have attached short, hex head screws to the bottom on the heel and around the perimeter of the ball of the shoe. They grip the ice well.

I've been running outside in the winter for years and never found it to be a problem. Much better than imitating a hamster on a treadmill as far as I'm concerned.

Posted by: Ivor stephé 4.Jan.2014, 12:22 AM

Many of the gyms in Sweden, require a Swedish personal number or a large security deposit.

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