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The Local _ Legal _ Appealing to the Migration Agency

Posted by: helenak 3.Dec.2018, 08:49 PM

Hi all. I need some help. I applied for a residence permit 17 months ago, and just got denied today. I applied on grounds of marriage, so to move to my husband. But because I'm an EU citizen and I'm allowed to reside in Sweden without having a residence permit, I've lived here for nearly 3 years already. I got denied because, according to them, my husband and I don't have enough money to live together... which is obviously not true because we have lived together for 3 years. we pay all our bills on time, every month and we're not starving. we even have a cat, and she's thriving with us. Yes, we are poor, and we can't really afford much other than basic and necessary stuff, but shouldn't it be enough that we can afford food, stuff for our cat, our bills and bus cards every month? According to them, we'd need to have nearly 8000kr left after paying rent to be able to live together, but we have about 3/4 of that. They're not even taking all of our incomes into consideration, because they aren't "work-related". As in, they don't count in the "bostadsbidrag" even though that nearly completely covers all of our rent. My husband receives financial support from the state because he's got some mental issues that require him to find a workplace that will adapt to his needs, which, as you may guess, makes finding a job a bit difficult. As for me, I never even get called into an interview, whenever I apply for a job. I'm going to SFI and doing internship at the moment though, and if I get lucky, maybe I get offered a job at the end of my internship. But, back to the issue - is there any point in us appealing to them and explaining our situation? And if so, how do we do it, as in - what do we say and which papers, if any, do we send to prove that we're doing okay when it comes to finances?

Posted by: wallace1837 5.Dec.2018, 04:34 AM

Don't bother with an appeal, just leave Sweden.

Swedes are doing an of their foreign workers. So if you don't work, or, you have no chance to integrate this closed society.

If you are really stubborn and want to waste a lot of time and energy into a black hole, you could contact . They will tell you that you have a lost cause. The only bonus is that they won't change to do it.

Find yourself a civilised country and move there, happiness will follow.

Posted by: helenak 6.Dec.2018, 07:30 PM

Thanks for the reply, and while I understand that you're upset about what they did to you, what you said isn't really helpful to me. But, nonetheless, thank you for the link, I'll give it a try!

Posted by: wallace1837 6.Dec.2018, 10:41 PM

QUOTE (helenak @ 6.Dec.2018, 08:30 PM) *
Thanks for the reply, and while I understand that you're upset about what they did to you, what you said isn't really helpful to me. But, nonetheless, thank you for the link, I'll give it a try!

It is not what you want to hear, but it is useful.

Posted by: helenak 7.Dec.2018, 09:28 PM

You're agitated and angry with the Migration Agency. I understand that. And I don't blame you, because they suck. But telling me to move somewhere else, when I'm looking for advice on how to stay is redundant, since I'm obviously not going to follow that advice. And it is quite obvious that I won't since... well, I'm looking for advice on how to stay. It's like if I asked for advice to help me through finals week and you tell me to just drop out of school, because you didn't pass your finals, so there's definitely no chance I would. See my point? There is nothing I can do to help your case since (by the looks of it) it's already settled, but I have a chance to appeal, and I'd like to take that chance. If you can give me any advice on how to, it'd be greatly appreciated, if not then please stop replying because you're wasting both yours and my time.

Posted by: FleurDeLis 3.Jan.2019, 04:27 AM

I’m interested in any answers you get because I just got denied residency today to live in Sweden with my fiancé. (I’m an American) It took 1 1/2 months to get the answer so it was quick but we are both devastated. He has a large house, no mortgage, money in the bank, no debt, we both have clean records...I feel we are a positive addition to society. I am waiting patiently for my letter saying why they denied me. I didn’t even get interviewed. The system is almost cruel. I feel so angry and frustrated.

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