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Job as contractor

Self-Employed being EU citizen

post 7.Jun.2017, 06:09 AM
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Dear all,

I am an EU citizen moved here in Sweden a few years back. I am working for a company in Stockholm, I would like to start my own enskild firma and to start working as a contractor.

I came to know that starting an enskild firma is not a big deal but winning a contract is. I am 33 years old guy with Java experience for 3 -4 years and .net for 2-3 years earlier.

If for example, I build a company then what is the way to get a contractual task let say from #Ericsson or any IT firm, from where should I start? What is the starting point?

Should I contact them but how? For example, I want to tell them that I am available for the contact job for xyz SEK price :-)

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post 7.Jun.2017, 07:31 AM
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Not wishing to be dismissive but if you don't have ideas about how to get contract jobs, are you sure it's the way to go? I wouldn't advise giving up a job and starting as a contractor unless you've got the contacts and industry knowledge to get work.
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yet another brit
post 2.Aug.2017, 06:32 AM
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Cool Company et al charge around 6%. As soon as 6% is more than an accountant would charge then you're better off setting up your own vehicle.

When setting your hourly rate, make sure to include employers tax, company pension plan contributions, holiday pay and any insurances. Even if this figure seems high - and it will be a *lot* larger than your current monthly salary/168 - an employer will still see it as potentially attractive as contractors disappear from the books as permanent staff and reappear as fire-at-will resource, even at the same budget cost.

And yet, the independent contractor will still be asking for less than agency rates - since agencies will slap an additional overhead on top (about 20%) for their own costs and margin; agency contracts can also contain clauses about finders fees, retention/transfer fees, guaranteed hours etc...and these can be a PITA.

Still, some employers have agreed with unions to only take on contractors who follow collective bargaining agreements. If this is so, you may have to work via a third party agency anyway.

But most of all, unless you have the network & skills to get the gigs...
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post 3.Aug.2017, 01:44 AM
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The starting point with any business is having some marketing and sales skills. The product or service does not sell itself. You might find some work on
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post 8.Oct.2017, 08:23 AM
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Java Guru! Got your questions answered?
I get more than enough calls for Java contracts in Sweden!
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