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No New Posts 2 dean85963 12,080 3.Nov.2014
By: Silberfüc…
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Cultural Night Uppsala
A great time to explore Uppsala!
0 Opalnera 7,867 9.Sep.2014
By: Opalnera
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Seeking interesting friends around Norberg area
English or SwEnglish speakers who want to hang out
0 CoachZee 7,036 31.Aug.2014
By: CoachZee
No New Posts 2 *Guest* 8,245 20.Aug.2014
By: ShaunD
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Getting rid of a mattress
uppsala dumpster/second hand
1 *Guest* 6,376 25.Jun.2014
By: Emerentia
No New Posts 0 ashraf_mam… 4,059 4.Jun.2014
By: ashraf_mam…
No New Posts 4 Xdc020 8,933 4.Apr.2014
By: Opalnera
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Rikshem, UU & Uppala Kommun Housing schemes
Wondering why its hard? check this
3 *Guest* 7,220 14.Mar.2014
By: unionisten
No New Posts 1 *Guest* 4,031 29.Jan.2014
By: *Guest*
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Football teams in Uppsala
Any help appreciated
0 *Guest* 3,159 20.Jan.2014
By: *Guest*
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American Food Store
Next to the English Bookshop in Uppsala
0 Opalnera 6,640 7.Oct.2013
By: Opalnera
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McDonalds Vasteras incident
Witnesses needed for incident  * 12
23 NadiaL 16,449 23.Jul.2013
By: Krut Jarl
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In need of a home in Uppsala from August onwards!
Swedish-Spanish Girl hunting for a place to live
1 ameliegold 3,969 18.May.2013
By: Max Reaver
No New Posts 6 jostein 9,053 11.Apr.2013
By: Storsjöod…
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SFI as an evening class in Uppsala-does it exist?
For those of us working full time...
8 Solith 9,312 5.Mar.2013
By: Solith
No New Posts 6 Boston23 12,383 21.Feb.2013
By: Ryder
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Art Club or similar - Uppsala
Looking for a social hobby!
4 Solith 8,414 8.Feb.2013
By: Mo
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Knife Sharpening Uppsala
Where in Uppsala can I get my knife sharpened?
4 kayjay3 5,918 19.Jan.2013
By: *Guest*
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Dala horses ...
Are they protected?
1 byke 3,435 11.Nov.2012
By: Bender B R…
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Friendly English speaking folks in Gävle?
Well, because I'm moving there
9 NataBee 12,209 23.Sep.2012
By: *Guest*
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Threading in Uppsala
Any recommendations?
3 Solith 5,421 19.Aug.2012
By: karenregal
No New Posts 6 ITkiwi 4,685 19.Jul.2012
By: ITkiwi
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Home needed in Orebro for TV filming
Location fee offered!
1 *Guest* 2,792 6.Jul.2012
By: byke
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Help with flat search in Örebro
Looking for a flat for 2 people and 5 dogs
2 JamesPotte… 5,060 5.Jun.2012
By: JamesPotte…
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Looking for an old friend...
Who lives in the Uppsala area...
6 marssweden 9,212 23.May.2012
By: marssweden
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English Girl In Uppsala
Looking for friends!!
9 xprincessx 10,826 22.Apr.2012
By: jan.petras
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If you are passing through Dalarna
Visit the new farm shop for the floor show
1 Puffin 3,872 30.Mar.2012
By: Boar
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Print workshops in eskilstuna?
And other tips for a newcomer...
3 *Guest* 6,061 1.Mar.2012
By: backtoblac…
No New Posts 8 menzies 5,215 2.Feb.2012
By: nickoledla…
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English-speaking clubs and groups in Karlstad
Info on sports and social meetups in the area
3 hanno1 8,747 19.Nov.2011
By: bazzah0
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