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How Swedes Find New Ways to Do Nothing

About Covid-19: Second it to the Ski Resorts

post 9.Feb.2021, 07:10 PM
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So, in an unsurprising statement of utter non-sense, Tegnell claims that travel restrictions to kurb the spread of covid-19 aren't a good idea. He claims it is better that Stockholmers go on holidays to the crappy MeatBallian "apline" resorts, rather than stay in Stockholm, where they would instead gather in shopping malls.Lol!

Wow, the MeatHeads certainly didn't get any less boring since I left.

But here's the chink in the armour of Tegnell's "brilliant" claim: Austrian ski resorts were super-spreader locations, about exactly 1 year ago.

So why does this MeatHead think covid can't spread at ski resorts? He's just permitting the export of the trouble to the ski resorts. Maybe makes his job easier somehow?

Let's all watch for more death death death in MeatHead land within 3 weeks of that disaster waiting to happen. I bet 50 meatballs Sweden reaches 13,000 deaths before mid-March.

""That isn't an easy question to answer. It sounds logical, but is it really better if Stockholmers stay in Stockholm and go to shopping centres rather than going to the mountains and staying in a cabin? Then there's the fact that it is important for wellbeing to be outside and move around, it's about balancing different factors," Tegnell said."

Yes, the trend is worrying; that Tegnell is still on the job. His performance in executing his supposed duties has the typical greasy MeatBall stench to it.

A celebration of MeatHeadian mediocrity at its best (worst).
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post 9.Feb.2021, 07:54 PM
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Another boring post by the forum's sycophant trying to make his master happy so he'll get a pat on the head.

Gjeebes, Grommet, Savage, et al.

The Devil has many names but just the one modus operandi.

Be careful or he will try and get you banned.
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