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Ikea's Ingvar Kamprad

Passed away

Gamla Hälsingebock
post 10.Jun.2018, 12:51 PM
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QUOTE (Cheeseroller @ 10.Jun.2018, 09:30 AM) *
Could have done like the Danes, Norwegians and Finns and fought it. Gutless profiteers.

Please read my post #42...
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post 10.Jun.2018, 07:56 PM
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Finland had a choice: Hitler or Stalin.

Sweden profited from WWII by selling weapons to anyone who could pay.

Stockholm was a holiday party getaway for Hitler's top pigs, complete with whores and heroin.

Sweden did nothing to stop Hitler, and should be ashamed.

And if Norwegians required a refuge, it was mainly because Sweden permitted Nazi's to use Swedish soil to prepare and invade Norway.
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post 10.Jun.2018, 09:48 PM
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QUOTE (Gjeebes @ 10.Jun.2018, 08:56 PM) *
Finland had a choice: Hitler or Stalin.Sweden profited from WWII by selling weapons to anyone who could pay.Stockholm was a holiday party getaway for Hitler's top pigs, co ... (show full quote)

So your superior top-tier education that isn't from a shithole swedish university didn't teach you about Operation Weserübung.
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post 11.Jun.2018, 03:46 AM
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You are quite right. I guess I misunderstood the historical markings I read in Narvik.

So, then it was just that Sweden violated its proclaimed "neutrality" by allowing Nazi pigs transport on their railroads.

1) "In all, close to 100,000 railroad cars had transported 1,004,158 military personnel on leave to Germany and 1,037,158 to Norway through Sweden by the time the transit agreement was disbanded on 15 August 1943.[1]"

2) "After the German invasion of the Soviet Union in early summer of 1941, Operation Barbarossa, the Germans on June 22, 1941 asked Sweden for some military concessions. The Swedish government granted these requests for logistical support. The most controversial concession was the decision to allow the railway-transfer of the fully armed and combat-ready 163rd Infantry Division from Norway to Finland."

Yes, Sweden, does so-called "neutrality" like it does open borders immigration.

Hurdy gurdy gurrr.
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post 12.Jun.2018, 03:54 PM
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Like it or loathe it, but Sweden may have been neutral on paper.
But in reality showed a lot of favoritism to the Nazi's

From National Socialism, Eugenics, loans, medals of honor etc.

Much of Sweden was a strong supporter of the ideology.
The millions that Sweden gave Germany in loans, and was pushed through parliament because the king supported such an investment.

From the personal letters of admiration by the Swedish royal house to Hitler, and then to the highest order of medals given to people like Herman Göring by the royal house.

And as for Jews ... Sweden has a long history of where Jews could live. And under what licenses they required.

The fact that Sweden has tried to bury so much of this history.
Should be indication enough of its complicity.
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 12.Jun.2018, 04:45 PM
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If the combatants of that war found that Sweden violated its neutral status they certainly would have punished Sweden for its sins after the war, and as we all know no such thing happened...

Did you know that many English Royals totally admired Hitler???

Before the war, Hitler was widely admired across Europe as a competent statesman and able leader...

Or did you not know that either???
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post 12.Jun.2018, 05:59 PM
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QUOTE (Gamla Hälsingebock @ 12.Jun.2018, 04:45 PM) *
I always miss the point but it serves my singular narrative well.

Yes, you are the epitome of the dotty old fart who can't keep his thoughts straight for more than 3 seconds in a row, who also suffers from a naïve love of Sweden, rooted in second-hand opinions from a limited Meatballian pool, of your limited Meatballian ilk.
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