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Opposition parties still in the lead: poll

The Local
post 26.Dec.2012, 12:33 PM
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The Green Party, the Sweden Democrats and the Christian Democrats all climbed in a recent voters' poll, with all three parties reaching their highest results this year, while the opposition parties maintained their lead over the Alliance government.

The Green Party grew the most, by 2.8 percentage points, and are now supported by 10.3 percent of voters. The Christian Democrats, who've been struggling in polls lately, grew for the first time this year landing on 4.7 percent, thus making it over the 4 percent threshold required to maintain representation in the Riksdag.

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post 26.Dec.2012, 04:57 PM
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43.9% plus 7.8% is way over 50%, more than enough that needed to have a majority to rule...hey stupids, why don't you wake up and joint the SD to save your pathetic country from a total destruction that engineer by these foolish lefties? Just smarting up you imbeciles!!!
Oh by the way, I doubt that the SD only got 7.8%, I don't trust these liberal pollsters for a second.
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Cornelius Hamelberg
post 27.Dec.2012, 08:17 AM
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fareasttiger @1 ,
If those"liberal pollsters" are down-playing SD's strength then it could be good for them, make them work harder as fishers of votes.
In any case the truth will dawn on the Day of Judgement : Election Day.
More worrying : How is the Centre Party doing?
Get all the good for something "imbeciles" to vote for them if they promote or test-float the new party programme of " free immigration"
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