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Swedish Driving Licence - Tests

Insights into testing procedure

post 14.Sep.2011, 04:18 PM
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How long does it take to book the tests and other stuff, and eventually get the license?
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post 14.Sep.2011, 04:43 PM
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JEEZ mate ! there have only been 17000 threads about this and you've been here since 2008 ??? blink.gif
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post 24.Nov.2011, 12:47 PM
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Hi Guys.
I failed exam 3 times in Jakobsberg. First time i went without doing much practise. 2nd time the inspector said "you dont have any major issue just you need to be more focused and observe things before. Your speed is high on roundabouts and when there is a give way sign". On third time i failed again on same thing but this time i keep the 2nd time inspector words in my mind and keep my speed slow in roundabouts and give way sign and this 3rd time inspector said "You are slow and didnt speed up and the car behind have to adjust according to you" . Any tips on this situation and this is i think not a big thing and can be fixed. So any tips on this issue. I got comment on last test, See, Judge and adjust according to situation. So really need help to pass this. Also tell me i drove a lot only in Jakobsberg but now i am getting time in Sollentuna only so is there any big difference in both ?
Looking for some expert tips here.

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post 25.Nov.2011, 08:16 PM
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Am I glad I got past this rigmorole back in 1960 when I first arrived in Sweden. In those days everything was only in Swedish, so a workmate came with me for the written/oral test as translator, and I was given time off work for the tests. Having handed the completed written test in there was a wait until a worried female came and said that due to one answer being wrong I was to be failed. I asked what the question was, since having had my UK licence since 1949 and covered many thousands of miles I had felt pretty confident, and back then Sweden was still driving on the left. The question was 'when do you use your indicators?
A: to turn left B: to turn right C: to change the lateral direction of the vehicle.
I had answered C, but for her to approve my answer I should have put ABC. So I pointed out that C covered both A and B. A puzzled look, then a broad smile - she agreed with me. Written test passed.
Oral test was in front of a police inspector. One question - what were the speed restrictions for a lorry. My reply - I didn't know as I was only applying for a car licence. OK , but he then proceeded to tell me as I had to know. Oral test passed.
Practical test - I drove up alone in my own car, still driving on my UK licence. The examiner was an army captain, who finding I was English and had had my licence for so long, said 'We'll drive around a bit and then I'll take care of all the paperwork, as long as we just speak English during the drive". Practical test passed.
At Länsstyrelsen, they would not hand over the new Swedish licence at once, as they had to check me out, and wanted to me to name two people who had known me for at least two years! This after I had been in Sweden less than a year. Poor man - he had this rule and I was unable to help him. Swedish licence eventually issued - after a two week wait - with the wrong date of issue because I must have confused the poor chap.
1978 after a three-month, full-time course, I achieved the whole alphabet on my licence, which I renounced in1998 when my licence was due for renewal. Running a B & B I had no need for more than A,B, BE. When the new licence was delayed I called Länsstyrelsen to ask where it was. "Oh you lost your licence, it'll come in time." said a sharp-tongued woman, to which I politely replied that I had not lost my licence but had surrendered the upper groups as no longer being required. I could almost see her choking on her words. Apparently no-one surrenders willingly, only as a result of drink or drugs. I was a unique exception.
Examiners are a rule unto themselves though, you must not bribe them, but they are not exactly totally impartial, and do most certainly have their bad and good days which is reflected in their pass or fail results. I wish all aspirants well, and go by the book - that is what counts. Swedes have their rules - and they are mostly inflexible about them. ...
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post 25.Nov.2011, 08:30 PM
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I did mine today practical test, did the theory a few days ago, passed both first time.

Examiner was not so good with English so we spoke very little for the whole session, swore I had failed it.

I don't think they penalize every error, but rather make a very general judgement. First thing he asked though was where I was from and kept looking in my driving progress booklet from the driving school (doing so probably every few minutes, not sure what for)

Took 3 months from start to finish but this was mostly down to getting the tests booked (trafikverket had computer issues)

The theory is quite manageable if you do the practice tests you get from the driving schools, they are almost identical to the ones on the real test, however I found that the English on the practice tests was quite difficult to understand (English is my first language) however on the actual test they were clear and well written.

I would say be relaxed, drive safely and with good observation and you are fine.
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post 28.Feb.2013, 08:06 PM
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Hi everyone... I failed the theory test bad the first time with a poxy 40,, i passed the driving test with flying colors first shot.. Which made me prity angry... The second time i did the theory test i got 51.. I had to hold back from smashing the screen to pieces.. So that was 3 days ago and today i went back and did it again and got 55 happy days... The questions are totally designed for you to answer them wrong. I know a good program that is very good and looks exactly like the theory test plus is better and cheaper than those rip off traffic school. The theory book in english is a very good way to make sense of the question aswell.. Anyway best of luck to all who try and pass because you need alot of it.

Yeeeeeeeeeee. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa
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post 28.Feb.2013, 08:50 PM
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QUOTE (gridchick @ 12.Oct.2009, 10:09 AM) *
Like many Expats in Sweden, I am in the process of obtaining my Swedish drivers licence because my Australian expired after one year. Trying my best to avoid the ridiculous an ... (show full quote)

It's a double edged sword. The swedish driving schools won't let you take the practical test and want to suck you dry for many lessons. The driving inspectors are more prone to pass you if you went to driving school. Also, the driving inspectors pass/fail you depending on their mood, and you cannot appeal!

Welcome to Sweden.
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