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Repaying loan early

Just a question

post 18.Aug.2017, 02:28 PM
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We took out a loan recently (100K SEK) and used only a portion of it so we want to repay early the amount we know we're not going to use (around 30K).

So we contacted the bank (ICA), we told them we want to repay a portion of the loan, they said no problem - just transfer the money to the ICA account and call us.

Called them - they start asking where the money is from - that's fine, we explain. They said to send a mail with the transaction that transferred the money to their account.

But now they want the whole history for that account for a few months to prove that the loan was not consumed entirely and while I've given them the history, it just feels a bit too invasive.

So the question is: what's the deal ? What are they trying to find out actually ? What would be a situation where the money source is not good ? (except for illegal activities and so on, ofc).

Also, we had some wedding gifts sent to the same account (in the form of money), so now I'm wondering if I'll need bank statements for those sums as well from the people that sent the money - which would be embarassing to say the least...
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post 18.Aug.2017, 02:53 PM
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I believe it's a measure to check for money laundry. However I agree it feels a bit too aggressive.

We paid back several times, 20k each for our mortgage loan, no question asked. However it's the same bank where we have the accounts so they already know everything ...
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post 18.Aug.2017, 05:46 PM
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some info on money laundering issues
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post 19.Aug.2017, 10:46 AM
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It is standard anti-money-laundering checks, nothing to worry about if they money is all legitimate. Banks are forced to check this by law. It's funny however that they lend you 100 000 then ask where you get 30 000 from.
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post 19.Aug.2017, 01:25 PM
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It depends how the money was used. Did you take those 100k and transfer it some where else and then got 30k back. In which case it may be hard for them to point the source of that money.

But if all the money stayed in the same account, then the bank is being lazy and not thorough.
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