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The Local _ Feedback _ TheLocal's private database

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 25.Jun.2017, 08:06 PM

Posted is what can be assumed is the violation of TheLocal's
rules governing the use of this site...

It seems that revealing private information is now about to run rampant here!!!

Will TheLocals managers please correct this situation before it becomes harmful to it's users???

You can't blame the Russians for this, it is from a homegrown perpetrator!!! rolleyes.gif

Please note the following:

"But if you guys really need a conspiracy theory, TL database of collected IP's indicates that "Sthlm83" has a previous and well established username on this site under a different username. #Burn AW1 laugh.gif"

"provides any street addresses, photograph of another person, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or any other personal information of that kind without consent from that individual;"

"use any information from the Services in order to stalk, harass, abuse or harm another person;"

Please advise...

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 25.Jun.2017, 09:56 PM

I don't have access to any private records as you do, therefore there is no rules breach...

I am not responsible for postings made by others!!!

I doubt that you truly represent TheLocal, ergo your words are just that words with no meaning...

Can you prove that you legally and truly are a responsible employee of TheLocal???

Posted by: Bsmith 25.Jun.2017, 11:18 PM

QUOTE (Savage @ 25.Jun.2017, 07:54 PM) *
We would suggest you sit down or bow out.
As your legacy of trolling is coming to an end.
As if this rule was enforced "use any information from the Services in order to stalk, harass, abuse or harm another person;" - your ass would have been canned a long time ago.

I wouldn't suggest anyone bow out. There's barely a pulse left in this forum as it is.

Posted by: Gjeebes 26.Jun.2017, 06:07 AM

Looks like someone forgot the stick, and put his arm in the spokes instead!

Amazing how some "participants" here feel so entitled, so privileged, even though they simply cannot comprehend their station.

But such behaviour still serves a purpose though, as now we have real working proof of the horrors of crack cocaine abuse, and the diminishing mental capacity it ravages upon its users.

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