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The Local _ Telecoms _ Mobile Plan (Europe Travel Friendly)

Posted by: n_lev 13.May.2015, 02:58 AM


First of all, I have just joined this community and I'd like to say hi to everyone and thank you for the wealth of knowledge and experience people share here.

We (my missus and I) are moving to Sweden (Malmo) from Australia (Sydney) in about a month and I am doing a lot of research this days on all sorts of topics. Majority of things Google knows the answers to, but some I really struggle to find. So you'll probably see me around different sections of this forum with stupid questions :-)
Here's one of them, related to telecom.

Once we get over to Sweden we will need some sort of mobile connection.
Naturally I am thinking of getting a plan with one of the local providers with calls and data included. I can go through their web-sites and compare prices and stuff. But there's one particular requirement that we have. We are planning to travel a bit around Europe (Denmark, Germany, UK, etc.) I remember that roaming used to be quite a problem in Europe last time I lived there (10 years ago), expensive as hell. Are there better solutions these days? I'd love to be able to use my phone while travelling and have access to data at reasonable price (calls are not that important, can always Skype). Any pointers?
Also, any well known do's and dont's in that regard? We've been living in Australia for more than 10 years so are really unfamiliar with things like that in Europe.

Thanks in advance for your help

Posted by: DuneSunny2 13.May.2015, 08:54 AM

The EU was planning to make roaming charges illegal by the end of 2015, but this plan has was ditched in March 2015.
I travel a lot around the EU and Telenor and Tele2 seem to be ok.

Posted by: n_lev 13.May.2015, 11:24 PM

Thanks a lot, I'll check them out

Posted by: Prawo 20.Aug.2015, 12:36 AM

Problem solved?

We from The Netherlands use the T-mobile option for

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