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English as a Working Language in Stockholm

post 31.Jan.2006, 08:53 PM
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How difficult is it for a native English speaker who understands beginners level Swedish to
find a non-service sector job in Sweden? How common is English used as a main working language in large companies?

Tack så mycket
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*Mark Boy*
post 31.Jan.2006, 09:38 PM
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As difficult as it is for a person who speaks LEVEL2 Swedish and who has been in Sweden for 1year and 5 months... :cry:
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Sweet As Man
post 1.Feb.2006, 12:43 AM
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To be a little more balanced...

Depends on your skills and how much they're in demand here.. for instance I have a friend who is a goldsmith and she found work within 1 month and is paid very well as there is a shortage of goldsmiths with her specific skills, she speaks bugger all swedish, average english and comes from Taiwan.

I have another friend who is an Italian chef, found work in a week in a cafe, doesnt speak a word of swedish as everyone that works there is Italian.

Another friend of mine has worked here for 5 years (he is a chef aslo) and has only recently started to seriously learn swedish...

It can however be very hard to find work... I have been here about 7 months, still looking, many others have been here much longer, speak good swedish and are still looking...

If your a chef by any chance be careful about asking for a job as the 'chef' as chef in swedish means the boss!
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post 3.Feb.2006, 08:45 PM
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I have been in Sweden for 5 months and I have an inteview next week. I came across the job through people I know, and I have been told that is the best way to get work here.
I speak little swedish but I am learning through SFI. I've been told I have a good chance of getting the job as there are few that have applied.

Lycka till Iris
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Roger O. Thornhill
post 6.Feb.2006, 08:58 PM
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It may not be whether you could function in the job. Like most jobs it is not if you can do it well, it is if you can get the job.

An antidote from my own experience was with Bostong Consulting in Stockholm. The office and work supposably was all English. Come the interview, they were insistent that it be conducted in Swedish.

On the other hand I interviewed with McDonald's Sweden in English for a finance position with the understanding I would have to first spend a year in a store as was the practice at the time. Of course then Swedish would be required but at that time I knew enough to get by and certainly would have improved.

I had a guy offer me a job painting houses once also. We got plastered on the wine and prawn cruise around the archepeligo. Should've taken him up on it.

In hind sight I have to recommend go any way you can - illegal or legal. You'll never get the time back and so what if they throw you out of the country. Big deal.
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