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Study in Denmark or Sweden?

Jonkoping university or Dania academy in Viborg?

post 15.Apr.2013, 06:30 PM
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Hi All,
I have the following concern, I have applied and was accepted in Jonkoping university. At the same time I was accepted in several institutions in Denmark as well. The issue is that in Sweden that is a Masters program in Business, while in Denmark it is AP degree in IT technology, which is not even BA.

Anyway, the Danes are promising a fair accommodation and claim that they assist with finding a job(according to the program coordinator just 10% of the students don't have a job). The profession that I would get there is a good one and not influenced by the crisis. As far as I know however, it is more expensive there but everyone I know says the Danes are more open people.

In Jonkoping however no one even mentions about a job opportunity. The thing is - I have funds enough for a year study, so at a point a job would be necessary. The program I am probably going to study there is a desired one, but does not guarantee finding a decent job after the studies are over. I have also relatives living in Sundsvall and even they complain that there is no work now in Sweden.

By the way, I am Bulgarian and one of my aims is to learn the local language as well.

Thanks in advance for the tips.
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post 15.Apr.2013, 06:41 PM
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There is plenty of work in Sweden, but not that much for fresh foreign graduates.

As much as I would like to recommend you to study in Sweden, I cannot, given the facts. Assuming you are technically inclined, an IT degree will serve you much better than a random Business degree.

Both of the places are in "the middle of nowhere" but Viborg is mainland Europe and probably has better weather.

What you should do, is find out if you could continue after the AP degree to do a Bachelor's degree. Some of the places that offer the AP degree do offer a one year AP->BSc track. The plain AP degree can be perceived as somewhat lacking (easy way out), but then I do not really know what your ambitions are rolleyes.gif .

Well then, if you trust the Danes' promise of accomodation and work then I guess your choice is obvious.

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post 15.Apr.2013, 08:06 PM
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last autumn i've started my degree in Sweden and:
1. every uni says that being their graduate plenty of jobs will be waiting for you ( uni would find you a job, maybe give some assistance with searching, recruting process etc), job market sees now a tough competition and not knowing Swedish (or Danish when in Denmark is a big disadvantage
2. accommodation is a biiggg problem here (takes ages and lots of patience to find a room, plus lots depends on your sex and nationality)
3. Swedes...despite various experiences here I really like them!

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post 15.Apr.2013, 10:07 PM
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Just make sure that people you talk to understand what you are asking. I have a feeling that they might have thought that you meant the prospects of getting a job once you have your degree, not about working while studying.

In Sweden at least, people having jobs while studying is far from as common as it is in some other places. The general advice is: Do not assume that you can find work while studying. There are very few unskilled jobs available.
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Max Reaver
post 16.Apr.2013, 03:25 AM
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I've seen too many foreign students who fries to find job while studying in Sweden, and fail. If you don't have the money to support yourself for two years, really, don't come to Sweden! I don't know much about Denmark, but based on what I know about Sweden, I'd rather bet on the unknown.

Btw, it's really bad idea to pursue your master without having the means to support your living before you start... You should have been warned by your uni to not do so.
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post 16.Apr.2013, 08:26 AM
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I've been a student in Sweden for the past two years and I regret every single hour of it. For the love of everything you hold dear, whatever you do, don't come here. Go to Denmark. The weather is better, the alcohol is more accessible, there actually are jobs for you and you can get a place to stay.

Don't take the "no home, no job" thing lightly. A lot of people dropped their program and went home because not being able to find where to stay. I searched for an entire year before getting something.

As for a job, I've graduated and I'm still searching for one. There is nothing. Go to Denmark.
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