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The Local _ Language _ Do all SFI classes do so much group work?

Posted by: pebbletots 13.Sep.2017, 09:04 PM

I'm doing intensiv SFI through folkuniversitet and while it was excellent when I started, I got a new teacher when I went up a level and good god she's the laziest teacher I've had. It's either worksheets or hour plus long group work which ends up either in English or other mother tongues.

I get Sweden in general is all about working together and group work but literally every day we do a worksheet together for an hour and I rarely hear the teacher speak just the other students. Which to me, seems a terrible way to do things if there's any hope for a better accent.

I much prefer lecture style where we may need to speak out loud in front of everyone or with the teacher one on one. But enough with the gå varandra for every assignment everyday. It's been about 2 weeks since we've actually had a proper lesson...and I have class everyday!

I'm thinking of switching into a different group with hopefully a better teacher if they let me. But now I'm curious, is this a thing in others SFI classes? Or is my teacher just that lazy? If it drives you as crazy as me, how did you fix it?

Posted by: Bsmith 13.Sep.2017, 10:17 PM

Depends upon the teacher.

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