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Visa not granted

What to do now and what to expect?

post 23.Aug.2019, 01:37 PM
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Hej all,

I was attending a master program at KTH of one year, from August 2018 to June 2019. My student visa was valid until 30th of June 2018.

Back in April, I was offered a chance to do my thesis with a company and of course, I took it, however, due to internal matters my thesis project ended up being delayed.
I then applied for a visa extension so I could finish my thesis with the company and continue my path here in Sweden. In previous years the same master program had students applying for visa extensions for the same reason and all of them got it, so my course Coordinator and thesis supervisor all supported me to go for it.

So I applied for an extension in April, already knowing that I'd have to postpone it. I haven't heard anything from Migrationsverket until the 18th of July when my student visa was already expired. In this first contact, they asked me to send all my bank statements again and were questioning that my thesis project was not of 30 credits and I needed to be a 30 credits student in order to apply for a visa extension. Important to say that by this time KTH was in holidays, and it was already too late for me to go back and finish thesis on time, right?!

See, this is where things get tricky. As I said, previous students of the same master program that always had a 15 credits thesis project got this visa extension granted. Also, when you apply for the visa extension, you can how many credits you have left and there's no problem not being 30. And, I went personally at migrationsverket to inquire about it, and they said I'd be able to apply for it regardless.

So I then sent a bunch of new documents explaining why it got delayed, showed my job agreement with the company that I was doing my thesis with and got an updated letter from my supervisor. Sent it.
The contacted me a second time, 3 weeks later, asking the same exact thing all over again. After the second contact, I heard today, 22nd of August that my visa extension request will not be granted.

Within these two months of await, KTH was on holidays, so I couldn't get much assistance from them.

I could have applied for a job-seeking visa back in June if I knew before the expiration of my visa that I wouldn't be granted with a visa extension because of the number of credits. However, after finishing your master, KTH needs to grant you a certificate showing that you've completed your credits. Which they don't do over the month of June, and I'd need it anyway to apply for the job seeking. So the timing would never work.

Anyway, but because the migrationsverket processed it so late, I can't apply for the job-seeking anymore in any case.
In order to apply for a job-seeking visa, you must have a valid visa and be in Sweden after your studies. I am in Sweden, working, but my visa has expired back in June as I said, so there's no window or option in their online system.

I know that I'd be able to appeal after getting the letter. I wonder if it's worth it.
I also wonder if after having one visa denied, I'd be able to get a working visa at all after leaving the country and applying for it.
One thing is saying I can do it, another thing is actually getting it.

So has anyone here ever experienced having one visa denied and applying for a new one and getting it? Or what are the odds to get a working visa after have had one denial?

And even,Should I appeal at all?

thank you all
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Case officer
post 23.Aug.2019, 05:30 PM
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If you apply for a work permit and wait for a decision abroad, the Migrationsverket won’t care one bit about the progress of your studies.
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post 24.Aug.2019, 01:30 PM
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QUOTE (_baixinha_ @ 23.Aug.2019, 02:37 PM) *
Hej all,I was attending a master program at KTH of one year, from August 2018 to June 2019. My student visa was valid until 30th of June 2018.Back in April, I was offered a ch ... (show full quote)

So you are working in Sweden illegally?

Your employer will surely be in trouble for that. And for you, you will have no right to apply.
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post 25.Aug.2019, 09:43 AM
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QUOTE (Svedallas @ 24.Aug.2019, 02:30 PM) *
So you are working in Sweden illegally? . Your employer will surely be in trouble for that. And for you, you will have no right to apply.

Maybe you’re not familiar with visa processes and status. But no, I’m not working illegally.
My student visa allows me to work, I have a coordination number that I’ve got because I’ve always had a part time job, and Back in May when my visa was still valid, I started to do an internship with this company to do my thesis project.
I applied for an extension of my visa, and during the processing time of any request, I’m allowed to remain in Sweden, and work and study normally, until they grant me a decision. Something that is repeatedly said by Migrationsverket in all of their lines about this topic.
I don’t know where you’ve read any illegal activity in the lines I’ve written.
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post 24.Oct.2019, 10:50 AM
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Hi, How did it go? Did you appeal? In that case, how long does the process take until you receive the final decision?

I'm sitting in the same shit. They are kicking out students from this country. heard more students from KTH got rejection on their extensions. More delay from the graduation will even cost more for universities.

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