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Swedish envoy bashes Aussie press on Assange

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post 26.Nov.2012, 12:24 PM
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Sweden's ambassador to Australia took an Australian columnist to task for defending WikiLeaks-founder Julian Assange against rape allegations, documents recently released by the whistleblower website reveal.

The criticism comes in an email from Swedish ambassador Sven-Olof Peterson to Elizabeth Farrelly in response to an April 12th column entitled "Truth of Assange is stranger than fiction" in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH).

Peterson offers a sarcastic thanks to Farrelly for her defence of Assange in the column.

"It is good to get this straightened out from someone who clearly was present during the 'penetrations'!" Peterson wrote in one of a series of emails published by WikiLeaks on Sunday.

Click to read the full article.
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post 26.Nov.2012, 02:51 PM
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In most countries, politicians do not comment on ongoing legal investigations or prosecutions for fear of being accused of influencing the decisions of police, prosecutors and judges, who are supposed to be independent.
Last year, the world watched in complete bemusement while the Swedish Prime Minister, in his own Parliament, critcised Mr Assange's defence. In some countries, the Prime Minister might have been charged with the crime of contempt of court. Now we learn that a Swedish ambassador has taken to writing to journalists who question the sagacity of the Assange investigation?
Has Sweden's political establishment taken leave of its senses? To jurists and journalists from the rest of the world, this all looks absolutely terrible. The young ladies may or may not have been raped, but Sweden's international reputation as a place where the conventional rules of law apply is splayed over a barrel, legs akimbo.
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Tiny Red Ant
post 26.Nov.2012, 03:00 PM
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There are responsible journalists who have instead of writing informative articles have embraced strange assumptions in support of Julian Assange. It might be that some believe that journalists must stand up for journalists, and for some Austrilian journalist to shame to their government into repatriating Assange.
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post 26.Nov.2012, 04:02 PM
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I think the only possible news angle here is "Swedish Official Grossly Overestimates his English Language Skills", which is kind of funny, but hardly shocking. "Misuse of the exclamation mark" is not a crime in either Australia or Sweden.
And a double facepalm for Wikileaks claiming to "release" documents that are part of the public record. Remember why you were so interested in Sweden in the first place?
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post 27.Nov.2012, 03:33 AM
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Australian Government, unlike Sweden, have no say in what the "media" publish, spin or twist. Only Rupert Murdoch has this ability, probably worldwide!
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post 27.Nov.2012, 08:27 AM
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As well documented (, you have a bit of difficulty with the concept of the presumption of innocence until someone is proven to be guilty. Until you get this rather simple point you perhaps you ought not to be commenting on legal matters.
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post 27.Nov.2012, 09:59 AM
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So the Swedish diplomats are now lecturing Aussies how to behave in their own county. I thought diplomats were not allowed to interfere in another county internal matters. As Sweden is largely controlled by the US, Assange has every reason i the world to fee unsafe if coming here. US say "jump", the Swedish government say "how high". Sweden is no longer a safe country with open justice. Nice to see at least there is one Aussie journo speaking out. More of that please/
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post 27.Nov.2012, 09:09 PM
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@RolfKrohna your a funny guy since when is what that journalist wrote somthing that only matters to australia, or are you condemnung equador to interfere in the legal process aswell? Sweden is a very safe country vith open justice
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post 28.Nov.2012, 07:21 PM
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This is the most recent response from from Elizabeth Farrelly. She is a well regarded and highly respected journalist. Maybe The Local could learn something...
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post 29.Nov.2012, 09:13 AM
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nice work triple - you beat me to it.
the entire world knows these 2 girls are repugnant, vial liars and sweden has been told what to do by the USA and are doing exactly what they are told. do what ever they can to get him to sweden so the USA can get their hands on him.
if the article had a pair of boobs as the headline Im sure the local would run it.
how about a piece on these 2 girls including interviews with former partners, work colleagues and the like to expose what they are really like and how much the government paid them.
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post 29.Nov.2012, 09:36 AM
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@smilingjack how much did you pay for your tinnfoil hat?
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post 1.Dec.2012, 12:00 AM
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There is no doubt these accusations have been made and exploited for political reasons, wether justified 'in law' or not. The issue at hand is not simply the allegation of local law breaking, because it was going to be something, somewhere, if not in Sweden.
Any assumption or justification the 'prosecutor' here in Sweden or government officials in all countries concerned have not acted politically on some level, is utterly naive. Handing over Julian Assange to America can be be easily justified, because extradition will be legally crafted to avoid breaching 'local' laws. Press support will spin supporting it and he will end up incarcerated or worse. All over unproven 'local' unfalsifiable allegations.
The real issue is the 'internet' and its integration into our lives giving unprecedented access to us all. Access by those wishing us well and otherwise. We all need to use hard critical thinking to set aside our bias when accessing the value systems in play here, even if it is just for purely selfish reasons. Make no mistake the 'Assange Saga', is about personal freedom. It is our choice which side we support.
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post 21.Dec.2012, 10:27 PM
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Sweden's reputation as a bastion of freedom has hit the dirt with its war on Assange. The Ambassador can rave on all he wants.
The Ecuadorans, and Assange, have freely said he's open for 'interview' by the Swedish Prosecutor, a procedure that has happened in other cases where the Prosecutor has travelled overseas.
It's very clear that Sweden is conspiring with the US to extradite Assange as soon as he lands in Sweden. The fact that the Swedish banks are scutting off his money, as have the American banks and PayPal, is a clear confirmation of conspiracy.
Assange's own Australian Govt. is also to be condemned for its lack of support.
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