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Any Danish Speakers looking for a job
Nestle ( Nespresso ) Stockholm
4 Thorfinna 1,527 19.Nov.2010
By: Thorfinna
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Tip for job hunting expats who don't know swedish
Use Google Chrome - instead of Internet Explorer
6 ITkiwi 2,928 12.Nov.2010
By: ITkiwi
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Practicing law in Sweden
Course validation
8 tljf105 14,651 8.Nov.2010
By: *Lawyer2be*
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Job in Sweden for non-swedish speakers
Its a joke or dirty truth?
5 maxfrombd 14,892 7.Nov.2010
By: srinath198…
No New Posts 15 Scuba 6,250 29.Oct.2010
By: Cornelius …
No New Posts 7 ski_powder 2,436 28.Oct.2010
By: kaze
No New Posts 2 ITkiwi 1,240 26.Oct.2010
By: Nemesis
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Getting a job in Sweden-Etiquette, dos and don’ts
Cover Letter, interview etc. etc.
5 JJ_Julia 3,169 23.Oct.2010
By: JJ_Julia
No New Posts 8 huckleberr… 1,611 23.Oct.2010
By: Puffin
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I got a job interview!
It's a good day today :)  * 12
16 Opalnera 4,057 19.Oct.2010
By: JJ_Julia
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Temp/Recruitment Agencies in Stockholm
Any help would be appreciated!
5 De Soto 17,091 14.Oct.2010
By: Craptastic…
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How to Instegsjobb it
Best way to use this benefit
5 *coppertop* 4,685 13.Oct.2010
By: Opalnera
No New Posts 3 Localer 1,225 5.Oct.2010
By: Furu
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Expression of Interest/ CV
Did you apply for work before getting your permit?
14 AussieSwed… 2,076 5.Oct.2010
By: Opalnera
No New Posts 23 hot-ice 4,066 4.Oct.2010
By: kaze
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What the hell?
Minimum 1 year experience to wash dishes!!!!!!  * 123» 6
86 tdr1984 17,447 3.Oct.2010
By: ISayWhatPe…
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Jobs within the creative industry
What's your experience?
4 Lizard Que… 6,431 1.Oct.2010
By: byke
No New Posts 8 Puffin 5,756 27.Sep.2010
By: Puffin
No New Posts 1 *Adolfo2* 2,867 24.Sep.2010
By: BillyB
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Web Designer/Developer Jobs in Linköping
Any idea of availability ?
9 haubau 3,721 17.Sep.2010
By: haubau
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Is it all about the contacts?
I feel CV-s are being used as toilet papper...
6 PoJo 1,738 15.Sep.2010
By: PoJo
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Convert from Sweden Student RP to Working Permit
How long is the process? Difficulties?
3 *ariefc* 3,497 12.Sep.2010
By: Puffin
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Pregnant & Job Hunting
Moral obligations / ethics
8 ITkiwi 3,258 7.Sep.2010
By: swozzie
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What HR ask during interview?
Need to know your experience
2 local_in_o… 1,920 2.Sep.2010
By: local_in_o…
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wrking in sweeden
wanting information abotu work  * 12
19 jubair 5,192 1.Sep.2010
By: Furu
No New Posts 2 jubair 1,136 1.Sep.2010
By: Furu
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Question about Praktik hours?
Are there set hours for all praktik jobs???
6 tdr1984 2,107 29.Aug.2010
By: LondonJame…
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are they kidding me ?!
help me to understand.  * 123
37 hot-ice 7,425 21.Aug.2010
By: kaze
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IT Contracting in Sweden vs UK
DBA work in Stockholm
8 skiptonmar… 4,094 19.Aug.2010
By: Bender B R…
No New Posts 11 hot-ice 1,884 18.Aug.2010
By: hot-ice
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