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Canadian expat in Malmo looking for a job/advice

Looking for humble job

post 8.Jan.2010, 12:18 PM
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I'm a 26-year-old from Vancouver, Canada who has just moved to Malmo to study and live with my wife (who is a Swedish speaking EU citizen).

I need to find work here, and I'm not sure of the best way to go about it. In Canada I have years of adminstrative experience, as well as food/drink service/hospitality experience, but I speak next to no Swedish (I'll be studying the language at Malmo hogskola starting in February).
I know my options are limited to jobs where I won't have to speak Swedish, which means I'm looking for something in the dishwashing/cleaning/English tutoring field, and I'm perfectly alright with that.

Any advice from other expats who have found work here? Actually any advice at all is welcome.

Tack som mycket!
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post 8.Jan.2010, 12:22 PM
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Live in Malmö and go to Copenhagen to look for a job. You will earn more money and you will most likely not get a job in Malmö.
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post 8.Jan.2010, 01:17 PM
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QUOTE (christopherpatrick @ 8.Jan.2010, 12:18 PM) *
Hej!I'm a 26-year-old from Vancouver, Canada who has just moved to Malmo to study and live with my wife (who is a Swedish speaking EU citizen). I need to find work her ... (show full quote)

Unless you have a masters degree in a relevant field or are a EU citizen your prospects of getting a job in Denmark are very difficult as a residence permit in Sweden does not entitle you to a work permit in Denmark. There is a loophole..a gray area...your wife can open a sole proprietorship company in Denmark (for free) and you are able to work in Denmark what I beleive is up to 90 days a year. However, this is a very gray (basically something the politicians forgot to think about in the law) and there are no real clear enforcement mechanisms within the system to measure exactly how many days you have worked in Denmark. For example, you could tutor there and here and unless the danes were able to check your Swedish bank account to find evidence of monthly train tickets they have no real way of enforcing the law...because its not worth the effort for them.

In sum, if your wife opens this business in Denmark she will have a danish CPR number associated with it and the ability to submit invoices to companies or people there. Just remember to file the taxe forms on time there otherwise they hit you with high late fees even if you dont have just started up and dont have an income yet!

If you are a hard worker and as you say don't mind getting your hands dirty I will have some blue collar work opening up in march here in Malmo for a few people. I have never hired an anglophile for these positions they usually go to people from Eastern Europe..but I may be willing to take a risk. PM me if interested.
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post 8.Jan.2010, 04:29 PM
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finding a job in Denmark is possible but you need to be EU citizen or have skills that cant be found in Denmark.

You could try and go to pubs and such and ask if they would give you a shot at working...I live in Malmo and ive tried this once a few years ago. Its hard and people will look at you like your crazy dry.gif but give it a try...You never know...But without knowing any swedish your options are small! Its just how life is here...

Good Luck! smile.gif
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post 14.Jan.2010, 03:38 AM
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i am also looking for a job,honestly am pretty excited and optimitic bout the whole thing.
but I dont speak any gonna be studying the language at SFI starting in March.
Since i dont speak Swedish that well,which means am looking for something in the dishwashing or cleaning but something humble,i am perfectly ok with that.

Thanks for your assistance
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post 14.Jan.2010, 09:49 AM
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Hi Mike this goes for Chris also. I have some jobs opening up in march.

One of the projects I am working on is putting together a few assembly cells/stations for a couple of companies. Usually I find X number of immigrants from the same Eastern European country/language group. The team lead of those groups must speak at least ok Swedish and have experience in the field.

I am willing to try a cell/station or two with anglophones. I have a couple of people already interested and need about 12 more. Also...I have a couple of potential team leader but could always use more.

To be eligible for these jobs you need to

1. Be registered as unemployed at arbetsförmedlingen.
2. Be enrolled and attending SFI
3. Have a residence permit enabling you to work.
4. Have been living in Sweden less than 3 years come March.
5. Be good with your hands. I highly prefer people with assembly experience.
6. For a team lead position you must have assembly experience and speak at least intermediate Swedish.

PM me if interested,

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