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The Local _ Stockholm _ Dog walker/Pet sitter available

Posted by: brandiduffy 14.Jul.2017, 07:27 PM

Hej. I am a 40-year-old masters in biology student at Stockholm University, with plans to work in wildlife conservation. I am an animal-lover, long-time vegan, and brought my fantastic furry co-pilot to Sweden with me.

I am looking to walk dogs or be a pet sitter. I am available most of the summer and would like to continue this when classes start again. I worked as a vet assistant in a 24-hour emergency vet; at a wildlife rehabilitation clinic on Sanibel Island, Florida; and have been a life-long pet owner. I am a responsible individual and can provide references on employment and character.


Posted by: the_austrian 15.Jul.2017, 06:03 PM

Hi Brandi,

I hope you are well.

It might be an idea to contact the many pet-sitting businesses that are established within Stockholm's zones, they often need helping hands and let you take over some of their client's pet-sitting. For example, if you live in Medborgarplatsen there are registered pet-sitters that take on dog-walking and cat-sitting in their "zone". The reason I know this is that when I came here I wanted to make a little extra cash and wrote on The Local, where I was slammed down completely as I was not "a registered pet-sitting business writing out tax invoices", even though I have pet-sitted before where I used to live (not in Sweden) and own pets of my own. But then again, some pet owners will just ask you for your personnummer, call Skatteverket if you are legally here and have the right of residence (yes, really), but then again they might be able to pay the small amounts via Swish.

I personally am also looking for a pet sitter for some weekends in September/October, but I am all the way out in Ingarö.

Best wishes

Posted by: brandiduffy 19.Jul.2017, 01:55 PM

Thanks for your reply. I had written to two businesses last month about pet sitting. I will look into your advice. I have a personal number and a residence permit and am definitely not trying to avoid paying taxes but I can see how someone may think that! I just wanted to find some things to do with my extra time and would really like to be working. I am planning to bartend throughout the next year while in school but would like to pet sit, too. I'm better busy. And I love my furry friends.

If you can't find anyone for pet sitting come September, feel free to check back with me and I can see if it would be possible.

Thanks, again.

Posted by: Tenacious185 8.Aug.2017, 12:30 PM

Hi, Brandi -

You certainly sound like the kind of person I would want looking after my pets if I had them! I would also suggest distributing flyers in the area you live, anywhere that such advertisements are legal. Many neighborhoods have such boards at the entrance to their communities. Write a short paragraph about yourself (or maybe just bullet points) about your education and experience with animals, the kind of work you'd like to do, and your contact information. I know many people who have managed to get a decent amount of work either as pet sitters, or doing lawn and garden care this way. You might also see if your local veterinary clinic has a message board where you can advertise as well. Good luck!

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