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The Local _ Stockholm _ Safe and pleasant area to live

Posted by: emadb 5.Feb.2017, 09:23 AM

Hi all.
I'm planning to spend a month or so in Stockholm with the family (me, my wife and our daughter of 7 years) the next summer and we would like to know from the locals which is the best area for living with the family. We don't need to be in the center even if we would like to be near the metro so that we can reach the center easily (we don't have car).
Are there any area that are safer, friendly than others?
Probably we rent a house and we would like to live there not only as tourist so we would like to choose a pleasant neighbourhood in which we can walk during the day and in the evening, with some shop to buy daily needs.
Thank you.

Posted by: yet another brit 5.Feb.2017, 12:42 PM

Well, there are very few places in Stockholm where you can't walk around safely (they certainly exist, but this isn't Detroit). Some parts aren't particularly pleasant aesthetically though.

Think of Stockholm as a set of roughly concentric rings. You have the original city, medieval buildings etc. Then you have the rest of the inner city, which is mostly 19th century/early 20th and has lots of 6 story apartment blocks. Here you'll find Vasastaden, Östermalm, Gärdet, Kungsholmen and Södermalm. All very fine, but you won't find a house to rent as to a first approximation, there aren't any!

A bit further out and you have what you might think of as the "original" suburbs, mostly flats and some houses. Some of these are renewing at a screaming rate - think Liljeholmen, Solna, Sundbyberg, Midsommarkransen, Hammarbysjöstad (just a couple of thoughts). There are pockets within these areas that visually don't look too nice and the occasional rough area, but basically all fine.

Then a bit further out than that, you have original "garden suburbs" (eg Enskede, Älvsjö, Fruängen, Stuvsta, Mälarhöjden, Bromsten, bits of Bromma - all fine), interspersed with some of the bulk project housing from the 60s/70s (Risne, Hallonbergen, Skärholmen, Sätra, Hagsätra, Rågsved and more). Most people would suggest you avoid the latter areas.

Then beyond that, you have some nice suburbs in some directions, and some dodgier ones in other directions. Nice ones - Lidingö, Täby, Nacka, Sollentuna, Bromma. Mostly houses, mostly expensive, a few small areas to avoid but classic Stockholm "villa område", and basically the "desirable" areas. The dodgier ones to consider avoiding - Kista, Husby, Rinkeby, Tensta, Akalla, Hallunda, Vårby... they aren't necessarily bad areas, but they aren't aesthetic!

Communications vary. Once you get more than 10km or so from the centre, as a rule of thumb the subways go to the larger (less desirable) distant suburbs, whereas the railways (commuter rail and light rail) go to/through the more desirable areas. This isn't a rock-solid distinction though.

Posted by: emadb 6.Feb.2017, 09:59 AM

Thank you! That's a valuable response!! biggrin.gif Bye

Posted by: delta76 6.Feb.2017, 11:50 AM

Another quick way to check an area is to look at and check the average income. If it is too low (-30%, for example), while there are not too many elder people there (people who live on their pension, which usually lower than salary), it can be a bad sign. Young people + unemployed/low income is a source of problems.

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