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The Local _ Götaland _ New to Kalmar

Posted by: Jen1990 17.Aug.2015, 10:03 PM


My name is Jennie and I am moving to Kalmar with my boyfriend (who is Swedish.)

I am looking for some advice on how best to integrate? I can understand simple Swedish but I am slow to speak it. I will be looking to take up some lessons when I get the chance.

I am also looking for some employment. I am a qualified History Teacher from UK with a range of other experiences. Besides the Arbetsf

Posted by: Bsmith 18.Aug.2015, 10:46 AM

Kalmar is a great city. We lived on ?land but would visit Kalmar often,

Advice: enroll in SFI and study diligently. First off, you will meet other ex pats and make friends. Secondly, learning the language is key to fitting into the culture and for getting a job. Make learning the language job one.

Be patient. For most people, this takes a couple years.

Posted by: Jen1990 24.Aug.2015, 08:43 PM

Thanks for the advice, Bsmith!

An SFI course is top of my list although I must wait a few months as I am told I cannot get on a course without a personnummer.

Great to hear you like the town. Jennie

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