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No New Posts 3 RAFS 4,640 14.Oct.2019
By: samedaylux…
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PN number with no work for EU citizen
Can I get a PN with no work,but with place to stay
7 Alexandrat… 2,510 14.Oct.2019
By: samedaylux…
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Indian family moving to Sweden
Can we survive on just one person's income?  * 12
26 Bano 30,141 14.Oct.2019
By: samedaylux…
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Medical situation while waiting on personnummer
Will it cost a fortune to see a doctor?
7 gruenberg 4,761 14.Oct.2019
By: samedaylux…
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Freelancer registering for VAT w/o personnummer
And is it SKV 4632 or SKV 4620?
1 gillian89 2,728 29.Jul.2019
By: skogsbo
No New Posts 23 *Vania* 74,620 13.Jul.2019
By: kiwi3
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Six months in... does it get better?
Regretting moving here  * 1234
50 yurodivy 43,420 27.Mar.2019
By: Bsmith
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Danish contract offer to get Swedish PN
EU citizen figuring out where he can work
2 RossMck 2,607 4.Feb.2019
By: RossMck
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Followup medical US sitizen/90 visa
Non emergency medical care for chronic condition.
0 SusanB 2,304 2.Jan.2019
By: SusanB
No New Posts 52 Osk 36,478 11.Dec.2018
By: Uncle Fred
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what steps toward citizenship for british cit
<3 if it turns out i love sweden <3
9 astrokatt 3,244 2.Dec.2018
By: Martian
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Swede with a US teaching certification
Possibly moving back to Sweden
0 kerostarfx 2,967 30.Aug.2018
By: kerostarfx
No New Posts 0 kullboys 2,382 12.Jul.2018
By: kullboys
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Migrationsverket Different City?
Avoiding long wait times
0 AYearAbroa… 2,624 23.Jun.2018
By: AYearAbroa…
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Handelsbanken debit card
Postal delivery
3 valeria 3,426 12.Jun.2018
By: Martian
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University Insurance- Student IN
Getting that personnummer
0 idanl18 3,286 22.Apr.2018
By: idanl18
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Imported car registration in Sweden
Need help with registreringsbesiktning
4 iryna91 2,943 12.Apr.2018
By: iryna91
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Importing personal car assistance
need hand in importing the car
3 ToSheila 2,880 5.Apr.2018
By: iryna91
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Moving to Sweden
and bringing in family
2 Atin 2,536 22.Mar.2018
By: robbie1985
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Bringing my girlfriend in sweden
She is an EU citizen,can she get pn with no work?
0 Steliosfra… 2,879 31.Jan.2018
By: Steliosfra…
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Recommendations for moving company
Need to move from Sweden to the US
0 toddysho 2,434 16.Jan.2018
By: toddysho
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How long till Försäkringskassan health insurance
Confusing statement on MV website
1 RAFS 3,329 10.Jan.2018
By: outkindle
No New Posts 0 Xdolce 1,848 2.Jan.2018
By: Xdolce
No New Posts 0 pattsammy 1,838 26.Dec.2017
By: pattsammy
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Gettıng a New Personnummer
Wrong Digit for the Gender
1 potatopota… 3,141 14.Dec.2017
By: intrepidfo…
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Private Health Insurance to obtain Personnummer
Swedish bureaucracy strikes again!
13 AnnaDvdH 14,879 13.Dec.2017
By: sandy1989
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e-ID certificate on tax office ID card
Where and how can I use it?
1 RAFS 3,599 4.Dec.2017
By: wondering_…
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Personnumer before start date
Applying for a personal number prior to moving
3 Cmf 3,982 30.Nov.2017
By: Case offic…
No New Posts 1 flows 2,596 27.Nov.2017
By: Essingen55
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Residence permit, permanent residence and UK car
Do I need to reregister it this week?
0 vortigern 2,447 23.Nov.2017
By: vortigern
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