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Fibre Optics Tech AUS moving to Sweden

Australia to Sweden

post 17.Mar.2016, 11:02 AM
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Hi all,

I'm a male, 24 years of age and I fell in love with a Swede in Thailand.
She has visited Australia for a month and has fallen in love with my country.
We are contemplating whether we should start our life together in Oz or Sweden.

I currently work in Sydney for Australia's biggest Telecommunications Company as a Fibre Optic/Copper Internet Data Technician.. I have tried my hardest to research such work in Sweden but I haven't been successful.

I'm eager to learn the language and I believe I would be fine with the dark and gloomy winters, I would really like to take my skill set over to Sweden as I believe I'm very good at what I do.

Is this type of roll very hard to get into as an English speaker only?
(I assume it would take me 3 years+ to be fluent in the language)

And if so, What companies would be interested in an Australian Technicians? I'm definitely having doubts that I would fit in.

I'm starting to lean towards my Swede coming to Study in Australia and possibly living here
(Which she has no objections about).

Sorry for all the questions! If you can help me out that would be greatly appreciated.

(Sorry Admin if in wrong forum section)
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post 17.Mar.2016, 12:52 PM
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well if you search bit in the forum you will find that jobs are hard to get in sweden even with swedish.
and the reality is that in your field of work they only speak swedish, the guys that installed our cable could speak a words of english and the guys that came to talk to us about our future fiber optics again had issues discussing with me with my swedish and request that my sambo talks to them.
there is a lot of paper work to be filled in and most unions require foreign born employees to have at least SFI D level in order to be able to read basic information and safety regulations and such.
The thing that would probably be the issue is that it will take you from 14 months upwards to came as a sambo to her and getting a sambo visa.

Personally i would suggest that it would be easier for both of you if she goes to you and studies and such, while you can learn swedish and you can try to apply while she is studying and return after she finishes her studies and you got your visa. If she feel like she can fit in there and can find a job you have to see what is best for both of you and your relationship

you really should come and visit and live here for a few weeks to see how you feel even so its one thing to visit and one thing to be basically in the dark for a few months, especially if you wont have a job or speak swedish it will be hard on your mental status.
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post 17.Mar.2016, 06:57 PM
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Our good friend littleviking has summed up the situation pretty well, and has given you quite a lot to think about I am sure. Having been here myself for over fifty years it is harder for me to relate to the current situation, being now 'state employed' so to speak. But the references to the current fibre activity taking place in Sweden is certainly relevant. Much is being done on that front, but since it often in small associations, many of those taking part in the routing work are customers themselves as a way of cutting costs. Hence, unless you can speak Swedish at a pretty good level, the prospects are not too bright. Add to that there is the current immigration and asylum-seeking problem, which will bring further disruption to the labour market.
As you are currently well employed, I would say play safe. Expecially if your lady is willing to come to you. She will have an easier time speaking English than you will learning Swedish, that is for sure. But with her by your side you can begin to learn the rudiments of her language in the event of your possible move to Sweden. As an old hand - I would say better safe than sorry. If you read these forums to any great extent you will see that many come here totally unprepared, and suffer as a result, with the inevitable bitterness and blaming all things Swedish rather than accepting the fact that they were unprepared. Prepare yourself well should you both decide to make the move.
Best of luck, whichever way your future takes you.
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post 21.Nov.2017, 01:13 PM
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Hi TheFitzy,

Did you move to Sweden? Are you looking for work there? If so please PM me.

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