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The Local _ Swedish news _ Murderer Released Who Made Hayward Palme Killer?

Posted by: Model T Ford 26.Feb.2014, 06:45 PM

In July 1982, John Anthony Downey helped carry out the bomb attack in London's Hyde Park which killed four of Simon Hayward's fellow Guardsmen, and seven of their horses,making him into the leader, it seems, of the famous Shoot-To-Kill operation in Northern Ireland to settle scores with the Provisionals.

Downey was ultimately tried for these murders, only to be released when it was discovered that the police in 2007 had written him a letter, stating that he was not a suspect in them.

Now, of course, the Unionists are livid over the developments, its First Minister Peter Robinson in the province's government, threatening to resign over the miscarriage of justice.

The letter had been sent apparently so that the whole murderous process, especially the fiasco in Stockholm when Palme was needlessly assassinated, could be forgotten about.

Robinson now wants a judicial inquiry to look into the whole mess, but doubt that HMG will risk such a move.

Posted by: Garry Jones 27.Feb.2014, 02:53 AM

John Anthony Downey has never been found guilty and indeed he pleaded "not-guilty". Regardless of any letter we are all presumed innocent until proven guilty, On what grounds do you state he is implicated in this. And what the f*ck has this to do with Palme?


Posted by: Model T Ford 27.Feb.2014, 01:50 PM

Downey, who had been released from prison under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, was still charged with having been involved on the mainland for the Hyde Park bombing in London in July 1982 which killed four Guardsmen - only to have the trial stopped in the Old Bailey when Justice Sweeney learned that officers in the PSNI in 2007 had assured him that he was not wanted by it for the bombing.

Which was just a misunderstanding between the PSNI and the mainland authorities who were serious in trying him for the crime.

Should correct the article's sub-title.

How the Palme assassination figures in all this is that Captain Simon Hayward, one of the Guardsmen at the time, and Operations Officer of the 14 Intelligence Company's South Detachment when the Stockholm shooting occurred, became the leader of the Shoot-to-Kill movement against the Provisionals in the province to settle scores with the Provisionals.

By the time the Anglo-Americans decided to make the statsminister pay for the non-nuclear showdown with the Soviets, Hayward and Derrick Bird aka Private Walnut and Soldier 'C' in the practice assassination of Francis Bradley, were in the team,it seems, which was checking on Palme's bodyguards in February 1986, killing him apparently when they were nowhere in sight.

Bird went on the rampage when he learned that the new NI Attorney General John Larkin was planning to prosecute him for the Bradley murder..

Hardly surprising that the UK wants now to cover up the gigantic mess by offering amnesty to all soldiers involved in The Troubles.

Posted by: Garry Jones 27.Feb.2014, 11:41 PM

Get the f out of here.

If any of this was true or even not just a fantasy in your mind then there would some record of it. How you mean that a man suspected of a crime is guilty (Downey) is beyond me.

And now you have managed to connect the 1982 bombing with the Palme murder AND Derrick Bird?

Are you insane or just a troll?

Posted by: Model T Ford 28.Feb.2014, 02:53 PM

I am neither insane nor a troll, and I am not about to get the f... out of here on the 28th anniversary of statsminister Olof Palme's assassination by the Anglo-Americans, headed by Ollie North, Navy Secretary John Lehman, Jr., KMS's David Walker et al. who arranged, and carried it out.

The collapse of the Downey prosecution is because he received a letter in 2007 from the PSNI that he was no longer a suspect in the Hyde Park bombing has proven such a miscarriage of justice that PM David Cameron has appointed an independent inquiry to determine why 200 Provisionals on the run received such letters.

Captain Simon Hayward aka Captain James Rennie became so involved in getting such terrorists that he joined the 14 Intelligence Company, and carried out a series of assassinations, culminating in that of PIRA gun-runner Francis Bradley and Palme.

Bird was a member of his hit squad, and went on the rampage in Cumbria when the newly appointed Attorney General in Northern Ireland announced that he was going to investigate the Bradley murder - what completely stopped when Bird was killed days lare.

Hayward was persuaded by MI6 to shoot Palme, it seems, when he was assured that the subsequent showdown with the Soviets would result in the demise of the Provos too.

Posted by: Swedentalk 1.Mar.2014, 06:07 PM

Wish eveyrthing that murder will be revealed someday.

Posted by: Model T Ford 2.Mar.2014, 03:22 PM

Seems increasingly unlikely as Peter Hain, the former Labour Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, is calling in light of the John Downey debacle for the amnesty of all British soldiers who overstepped their legal responsibilities while carrying out their duties in the province during The Troubles - what would certainly apply to Captain Simon Hayward aka Captain James Rennie who apparently helped assassinate gun-runner Francis Bradley in his preparation for shooting Olof Palme 28 years ago.

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