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The Local _ Visas _ Permanent residency duration calculation

Posted by: Visaqueryn 30.Aug.2019, 10:17 PM


I came to Sweden in 2015, on a dependent permit (Valid from Dec-2015 to Dec-2017) as my wife got a job and work permit in Sweden in 2015. Just after few months I came to Sweden, I got the job (from Feb 2016 to till further notice) and started working. When my first residence permit was ending in Dec-2017, I applied for my own work permit instead of a dependent permit. I got my own work permit from December 2017 to December 2019.

My question is now when I apply for extension in December 2019, would I be eligible for PR?

Would the two years that I worked on Dependent permit be counted?

Posted by: Case officer 31.Aug.2019, 01:14 AM

A dependent permit do not count towards permanent residency. You may be eligible for that in December 2021.

Posted by: Visaqueryn 31.Aug.2019, 07:30 AM

Thanks Caseofficer for answering the query.

So the understanding that I get is, even If I have worked and contributed to the tax system during the time I was on dependent residence permit, still that time would not be counted while getting Permanent residency at the time of work permit extension.

Is there a way to get the permanent residency on the basis of number of years one has spent in Sweden with a residence permit? If yes then please share.

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