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New additional name on my door

What is my landlord up to?

post 11.Dec.2012, 03:23 PM
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Yeah, call the landlord and ask who this weird person getting mail is.

Can anyone shed light on how he would be scamming welfare by keeping his registration at this flat?

Well, to state the obvious, I don't think the rules in renting allow non-resident tenants? Like you can sublet a room, but not "chain" it making a profit on the side.
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Garry Jones
post 11.Dec.2012, 04:00 PM
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Never ever use ratsit for these things.

The site to use is www.upplysning.se - You reg for an account and then you can check out everyone over 16 in Sweden. If people live here they are there.

You can even use wild cards and jokers to search. And best of all, the entire "personnummer" is there including the last four.

So looking for Maria with a birthday in January. Things she is born in the 60's?

Then you search for 196?01?????? And christian name Maria. It is the best and most powerful free search so your landlord will be on there.
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post 11.Dec.2012, 05:54 PM
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Perhaps you could explain the difference (to someone who doesnt have a PN and hence cant register). Both allow an advanced search according to your criteria, Ratsit gives 6039 hits and upplysning 5945.
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