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post 18.Dec.2012, 01:16 AM
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Hi this is my first post having found the site and I see others have posted queries.

I am a UK resident and was married in Sweden in summer. My wife is Swedish and I am planning to base myself here as she is a student and will be based in Sweden for the medium term, next 5 years for sure. I work for a French company and my work is predominantly providing services for them in the UK but we have US and Chinese divisions and I also support them too with services (sales and technical support). I am home based in the UK currently as a normal employee with NI and PAYE tax with a home office.

Even though I plan to be Sweden based I will need to retain somewhere in the UK to work from when I am visiting customers which is probably for not much more than 10 days a month. I'm wondering if I should leave keep a rental property and recharge it as part of my work costs while in UK if it makes sense to recharge it as a tax deductable that works in my favour.

I have discussed with work and they are ok with me being based anywhere providing the work gets done and it doesn't cost them more money. They also support paying me gross to let me sort the tax and NI out wherever I choose to pay it. They're pretty flexible and support the concept of do what you can to minimise your tax implications smile.gif

This leaves me with a couple of questions based around either remaining employed or becoming self employed when I register in Sweden. I want to calculate my income net of swedish tax and ni monthly to look at the implications on each financially. So to help me can anybody help on the following

1. What are the tax and NI deductions monthly on being based in Uppsala on income of around 55000 SEK per month?
2. What is allowable to offset against tax for travel to work and costs while working in UK. If I had costs of for example 15000 SEK monthly for keeping an office plus flights to get to UK to work would that be allowed as an employee?
3. What difference in terms of deductions is it better to stay employed or to go self employed?

My final question is if anyone in the Uppsala area would like to provide advice on this as I most likely will need it!

Many thanks!

The gedi.
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post 18.Dec.2012, 08:23 AM
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why not just hot desk/office it, when in the UK only for the days you need them?
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post 18.Dec.2012, 09:18 AM
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If I keep an appartment I can still use it for accommodation, keep samples and documents and also no hotel costs.
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