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The Local _ Telecoms _ Getting a Mobile Contract in Stockholm

Posted by: 12.May.2016, 04:32 AM


I will be moving in to Stockholm this August to pursue my higher studies.

I was thinking of buying a new phone on contract once I get there, however I have read that this requires a personnumber.

Does anybody know how this works?

Posted by: Applecore 12.May.2016, 08:35 AM

If you are studying you should receive a personal number anyway. Hoewever most phone companies don't give out a contract immediately, you need to have had the personal number for at leats 6 months i think. I suggest you get a prepaid card instead, you get most of the same benefits depending on how much you load up, and it can be cheaper in the long run, at least untill youa re able to get the contract.

For the prepaid you dont need anything.

Posted by: Swedex 12.May.2016, 08:40 AM

Personal number is your identification number or social security number. Everybody who is legal resident in Sweden more than 1 year can get it.

Every system is running on it bank, stores and else.

If you study is more than 1 year you will able to get a personal number, you need to apply for it when you will be here to authority called skatteverket. I am sure you will get information from your university as well.

One you have it, you just need to go online and local franchize and ask for their package and buy one.

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