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Swedish news
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By: Gamla Häl…
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The Local again reporting "kompetensutvisning"
Which turns out to be exaggeration
0 nativeswed… 270 25.Nov.2019
By: nativeswed…
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Studies residence permit rejected (First time)
Rejection (Online) Bangladesh
0 chapaman 960 22.Nov.2019
By: chapaman
No New Posts 2 entry 30,480 18.Nov.2019
By: jakamitro
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SweNazi Hate crimes in Sweden growing
How to tackle this menace?
9 gsurya 3,440 16.Nov.2019
By: Gamla Häl…
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Only 93 Explosions on The Streets of Meatballia
So Far This Year: Best Place For Your Family  * 12
19 Gjeebes 13,288 1.Nov.2019
By: Gjeebes
No New Posts 4 Gjeebes 7,212 26.Oct.2019
By: ersel
No New Posts 4 The Local 6,805 10.Oct.2019
By: Gjeebes
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Feminist Obsessed Meatballs See Gender Equality
Woman More Involved in Gangland Crime
1 Gjeebes 1,242 5.Oct.2019
By: Saywhatwha…
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Sweden - The Virtuous Big Brother Of Interception
Breaching Your Rights Since Before 2008
4 Gjeebes 3,556 2.Oct.2019
By: Gjeebes
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Meatballia Scores Poorly In Expat Survey
Finally A Survey That Is Believable  * 12
16 Gjeebes 5,606 2.Oct.2019
By: Gjeebes
No New Posts 4 Deekshith 4,316 28.Aug.2019
By: gsurya
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Visa Appeal decision
What if i get a job
5 suhassa05 11,234 21.Aug.2019
By: Svedallas
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Woman ordered off Malmö bus
for wearing too few clothes  * 12
20 Bsmith 17,581 8.Aug.2019
By: Saywhatwha…
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Immigrants making Sweden great
Most innovative nation, only behind Silicon Valley  * 12
23 gsurya 15,281 3.Aug.2019
By: Gjeebes
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Waiting list for becoming citizens gets longer
Need to protest and put pressure
5 gsurya 4,056 31.Jul.2019
By: cootje1976
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SweNazi policeman fired for racist remarks
Proud of Sweden taking such prompt action  * 123» 5
71 gsurya 28,470 29.Jul.2019
By: Saywhatwha…
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Victim gets deported
and terrorist gets free room and board
10 Bsmith 4,025 11.Jul.2019
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts 89 cootje1976 32,556 5.Jun.2019
By: jannasande…
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It's not illegal to be part of a terror group
Or to assist one, in Sweden
2 Gjeebes 3,134 22.May.2019
By: Bsmith
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Swedish Imam Faces Deportation
And Therefore Death in His Home Country
7 Gjeebes 5,845 2.May.2019
By: Gjeebes
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Hate Filled Woman Swedish MP Claims
All Men Are Rapists  * 123
31 Gjeebes 56,766 29.Apr.2019
By: ChocOwl
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121 Afghans received visa on false grounds
Incompetent migrationsverket
6 Svedallas 5,488 27.Apr.2019
By: intrepidfo…
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Interesting news in Swedish public radio
Segment on indian eeduation  * 12
19 nativeswed… 70,821 25.Apr.2019
By: nativeswed…
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Swedes will now report
ethnic background of criminals  * 12
21 wallace183… 24,963 10.Apr.2019
By: Gamla Häl…
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Denmark vs Sweden - Returning ISIS Fighters
Two Very Different Approaches  * 12
16 Gjeebes 24,150 30.Mar.2019
By: skogsbo
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Regarding Article on The Local "10 Things swed..."
And some suggestions on implementations
4 nativeswed… 3,859 26.Mar.2019
By: frida
No New Posts 58 Gjeebes 71,413 24.Mar.2019
By: Gjeebes
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