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The Local _ Swedish news _ NEW SITE: Swedens news in English.

Posted by: Savage 6.Feb.2017, 01:56 AM

For those who may not be aware, Sweden Watch is both a news site that offers Swedish news in English. As well as documenting much of the crime on a monthly basis for analysis.

Make sure you check it out, for a more accurate and balanced view on the situation in Sweden.

Posted by: andy_fin 6.Feb.2017, 01:11 PM

monitors the civil unrest that is now occuring in Sweden

yeah civil unrest is rampant.

This isn't a news site it's an API that is grabbing official reports which are available to the public and re-posting the headline and links to the source.
I'm guessing 40-100 hours work which makes me think this is actually a student project especially because of the lack of original content.

It even generates a template pdf file. Nice work, B+, needs more clickbait.

Posted by: Savage 6.Feb.2017, 03:45 PM

The following aspects of this new enterprise which impressed me, were :

- Information is in English
- A brief and concise summary of the story is translated and available.
- References to the original report are included
- Stories are collected, and sorted into reported sub categories.

This allows for readers to obtain real news concerning Sweden which is often, only available to those whom speak Swedish. A language paywall, if you will.

But also the site allows contributions to reports so that such crime can be monitored, translated, discussed & referenced.

Allowing greater information to be made publicly, than the limited and somewhat protectionist information we are seeing at present.

The Facebook page is already gaining a good amount of interest, and the website and social media page is linked to other similar Nordic pages which in the future will allow for better understandings of the region news and changes in social behavior relating to crime.

If anyone gets chance, I would highly recommend they add the Facebook to their likes - Allowing a brief summary of Swedish related news to appear in their timeline in English.

Posted by: akibobrob 6.Feb.2017, 04:06 PM

I kind of pity you that you think an 'accurate and balanced view on the situation in Sweden' is trawling sites for anything bad that happens.

Your life must be pretty grim. Out of interest, do you live in Sweden. If so, why?

Posted by: andy_fin 6.Feb.2017, 04:38 PM

It's not News though it's a crime feed.

Crime is not always news.
News definitely isn't all crime.

There's a massive difference between data, what we have here.
Information, data which has been processed and given a context.
News, dissemination of information.

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 6.Feb.2017, 04:50 PM

You should not use TheLocal to advertise other sites...

Definitely bad form!!!

Posted by: ChocOwl 6.Feb.2017, 05:40 PM

Hey Gamla, what do you think of the coverup of goat-related crime? This noteworthy news item is not listed on Savage's favourite site:
Looks like a conspiracy of silence to me...

Posted by: Savage 6.Feb.2017, 06:02 PM

I wish to clarify a few things.

1. I/we have no connection to the site, this is operated by a different person/group.

2. Many of the stories covered / converted and so on, are often in the top 5 most read sections to their respective newspapers. So any suggestion they are related to disgruntled immigrants couldn't be further from the truth.

3. A large proportion of its readers and members are Nordic based or origin.

4. Crime does make up a large proportion of Swedish news. Especially given the changes that many people feel are taking place.

The latest January 2017 report has been published today

11 Shootings
10 Explosions
10 Murders
29 attempted Murders.
9 Assault / Rape
104 Gang Robbery
59 Robbery / Armed Robbery
146 Car fires
15 Sexual Molestation

Just to name a few.

Posted by: ChocOwl 6.Feb.2017, 08:18 PM

QUOTE (Savage @ 6.Feb.2017, 06:02 PM) *
I/we have no connection to the site

Are you not sure whether you are a singular or plural entity? That is kind of mysterious.

QUOTE (Savage @ 6.Feb.2017, 06:02 PM) *
11 Shootings
10 Explosions
10 Murders
29 attempted Murders.
9 Assault / Rape
104 Gang Robbery
59 Robbery / Armed Robbery
146 Car fires
15 Sexual Molestation

Just to name a few.

But no reports about straw goat fires!? Why the coverup?

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 6.Feb.2017, 09:20 PM

We are the silent minority, shunned and bypassed by the very people that we represent on banners, fighter planes and Christmas festivities...Just because we have hooves!!!

Posted by: Savage 6.Feb.2017, 09:33 PM

QUOTE (Gamla Hälsingebock @ 6.Feb.2017, 09:20 PM) *
We are the silent minority

Would you describe yourself as the ? laugh.gif

Posted by: andy_fin 8.Feb.2017, 12:46 PM

While you're not affiliated with the site Savage maybe you could better explain the use of the phases civil unrest and current situation.

Posted by: Savage 8.Feb.2017, 01:34 PM

Taken from

"SwedenWatch monitors the civil unrest that is now occuring in Sweden, and provides up to date information on the current situation.

We only report incidents from the Police logs, or verified incidents from newspapers and media channels.

Since the Swedish authorities are censoring vital information about incidents, such as gender, age and ethnic background, we are for the moment unable to provide this information. However, when we receive verified information, we will provide updates on current and previous affairs.

Do you have any information about the situation in Sweden, please contact us at:"

Posted by: Nordmann 9.Feb.2017, 12:35 PM

Swedens news in English?NEW SITE you say.
archives are in english
but content are in swedish..
kind of a fake news blink.gif
not really swedens news in English

well thanks for the link, though

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