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Step-in jobs

How do they work, and are they worth it?

post 23.Jul.2009, 02:15 PM
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Ok deperate times call for desperate messures.When i first arrived in Sweden I went to arbertsförmedlingen to let them helpp me find employement they told me I had to sígn up for step in jobs and if i do and they call me it means I have to give up SFI in order to go and at that time I was in the frame of mind that Swedish is my number one important thing to do and will try finding work on by myself.Well its not going to good my girlfriend starts uni end of august and will be getting CSN which means we both have to survive off one payment so now im in the mindset to sign up for a step in job and leave SFI if i get called in and just try learn swedish with my girlfriend aslong as i got a income. Unfortunatly I tend to Study but not eligable for CSN until i get my PUT visa next october.

Does anybody know how step in jobs work and if it is worth signing up for has anybody here been in a step in job through arbetsförmedlingen??

any input would help me!!
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post 23.Jul.2009, 06:15 PM
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Hi There
I have heard of step in job in arbetformedlingen, it should be diferent from company to another one, it depends on the aim of the company that will contract you, wether they want you to work for them as any other guy, or if their aim is just to make you work like 40 hours per week in order to get more money from you, as they only pay arround 25 per cent of your salary. With 40 hours a week you will not be able to study sfi at the same time, what you can do is try it and make them the condition that they will be flexible regarding your sfi schedule so it will be possible for you to work and study at the same time. i think you will be able to study and work with a working time frame of 30 hours per week.

licka till.
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post 25.Jul.2009, 12:09 AM
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Unfortunatly I tend to Study but not eligable for CSN until i get my PUT visa next october.

Jukka, could you please pass along the source where you got this information that people with PUT (permanent uppehållstillstand) can get csn. This will be much appreciated
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post 25.Jul.2009, 05:12 AM
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CNS - If you are a foreign citizen

You must have:

* a permanent residence permit (PUT)
* refugee status according to the Swedish Migration Board
* a right of residence and be a citizen of an EU Member State, and you must have worked in Sweden for at least two years
* a right of residence and be a citizen of an EU Member State, and you must have been married or cohabiting for at least two years. The person with whom you are married or cohabiting must be a Swedish citizen or be living in Sweden and have a basic right to financial aid for studies. Under certain circumstances, you may qualify if you have been married or cohabiting for less than two years
* a right of residence and be a citizen of an EU Member State, and you must have been younger than 20 when you entered Sweden. You accompanied or joined your parents, who are living and working in Sweden
* a permanent right of residence (PUR)
* a job in Sweden. You come from another EU or EEA Member State or from Switzerland, and you will be taking advanced training in your occupation in Sweden
* a close relative who is working in Sweden. You are married to, cohabiting with or the child of someone who comes from another EU or EEA Member State or from Switzerland
* a status as a long-term resident in Sweden or another EU Member State according to the Swedish Migration Board. You must also have a residence permit in Sweden.
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post 25.Jul.2009, 10:36 AM
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Depending on where you are, I think sfi is over rated. If you are offered a job, part time or otherwise, under the step in program or any other program that the arbetsförmedlingen has to offer you, I say take it. Employers will not want you unless they think you can do the job and if they are willing to hire despite your level of Swedish, that's great!

From personal experience, you tend to pick up more useful Swedish at work than at sfi and you learn more effectively by interacting with other Swedes and being forced to communicate in Swedish. And you can always go back to sfi anytime you want whereas it is not always certain you can get a job here. Plus some areas offer sfi classes in the evenings to accomodate those who work during the day. Keep going to sfi classes to build up your language skills but look for a job at the same time and prioritise wisely. A word of advice tho, don't quit going to sfi just to LOOK for a job especially if you plan on studying further in komvux and so on. Do both simultaneously and I really wish you the best in your job search. biggrin.gif

Lycka till!
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post 25.Jul.2009, 10:56 AM
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I am not entirely sure what the problem is - as one of the conditions of doing a Step in job is that you must be taking SFI - you can do a Step in job part time as well
If you live in a big city there are often evening SFI programmes

I think it depends what your overall aims are - do you want to:
- work - in which case a step in job can give you useful contacts and employment experience for your CV
- study - for example at university or college - in which case the Swedish exams are going to be essential

However it's important not to wait too long as you are only eligible for a Step In job for 36 months after being granted residence
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post 25.Jul.2009, 11:21 AM
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Hey Thanks puffin when i went to the seminar it sounded like I had to give up SFI if i was called into a step in job so thanks for that info my english translater wasnt really that good I dont think.The main reason i am going to sign up is to just get some income happening where maybe next autumn semester i hope to study at university but once i get SAS etc under my belt as i hear it helps to get into university.
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post 26.Jul.2009, 02:32 AM
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