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No New Posts 1 sepanta199… 1,837 14.May.2020
By: browngirl
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Family permit extension for spouse
Abroad for more than 3 weeks
0 activityx 1,058 12.May.2020
By: activityx
No New Posts 7 Senyladn 3,123 5.May.2020
By: *Guest*
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Work permit application_ discouraging response
Rejection, decline, deportation
1 *Guest* 1,748 24.Apr.2020
By: nativeswed…
No New Posts 15 sam_touris… 12,847 24.Apr.2020
By: *Guest*
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Regarding Resident Permit Interview
Interview question  * 12
20 raghu_g 15,500 16.Apr.2020
By: *Guest*
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Calculation of years of right of residence for EU
Planning to get Swedish citizenship.
11 tonycarpen… 2,217 5.Apr.2020
By: tonycarpen…
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Exiting job during notice period
If I find another job, can I leave sooner legally?
1 pukinswe 1,125 2.Apr.2020
By: keshav
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Question about work permit
Company's org. number changed without knowing it
1 *Guest* 1,091 1.Apr.2020
By: Case offic…
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Work permit residency
Stay more than 3 month after end of contract
3 anilin 1,343 16.Mar.2020
By: anilin
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Changing employer for third time
Will work permit be rejected?
2 sepanta199… 1,303 15.Mar.2020
By: sepanta199…
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Rejection of PR Extension for Studies
Appeal/Non EU Master Student
0 *Guest* 1,191 10.Mar.2020
By: *Guest*
No New Posts 0 *Guest* 1,073 4.Mar.2020
By: *Guest*
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Appeal? Rejection on citizenship for phd time
due to not expressed intention to settle  * 12
29 orcfairy 15,373 27.Feb.2020
By: Rocky road
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Spouse Visa Query
Maintenance requirement
2 windofdeat… 1,139 24.Feb.2020
By: windofdeat…
No New Posts 1 Enidmelani… 1,072 21.Feb.2020
By: windofdeat…
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Comprehensive Health Insurance for Personnumber
Insurance claimed not to be comprehensive
5 delta 2,421 20.Feb.2020
By: Enidmelani…
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Applying for US student visa
US F1 visa with Swedish PUT
4 vsds 1,003 16.Feb.2020
By: vsds
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Residency in Sweden
Residency rejected due to partner being sick  * 12
16 mikeyjames… 3,021 14.Feb.2020
By: enigmus-se
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Absence from work
Taking more vacations than 25 days
1 sepanta199… 1,327 12.Feb.2020
By: Weber
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Start date of work permit
is it same as first day of employment?
1 questionsa… 688 12.Feb.2020
By: Weber
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Moving out of Sweden while waiting for citizenship
Implication on citizenship process
1 ib2114 1,142 12.Feb.2020
By: Weber
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Application to take my Wife and Child to Sweden
Please help on our application with your experienc
10 canahiska 1,457 11.Feb.2020
By: canahiska
No New Posts 6 Kaiisonthe… 1,398 7.Feb.2020
By: Family_per…
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Work permit extension
adding a family member
2 kempyyyy 1,134 7.Feb.2020
By: *Guest*
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current wait times for personnummer
EU citizen with permanent contract  * 12
15 krazykraut… 10,498 25.Jan.2020
By: LimpingNin…
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Sweden ICT visa
UK Tier 2 ICT visa to Swedish ICT visa
0 *Guest* 485 23.Jan.2020
By: *Guest*
No New Posts 1 lynnsmith5… 582 17.Jan.2020
By: lynnsmith5…
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Family member residence permit
Non eu citizen with work permit in Sweden
0 SSenad 763 12.Jan.2020
By: SSenad
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UT Card renewal with PR status
Docs. and procedure for UT Card extension with PR
0 *Guest* 828 7.Jan.2020
By: *Guest*
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