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Employer said citizens only

To someone with full rights to work here

post 6.Nov.2017, 07:29 AM
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QUOTE (Svedallas @ 3.Nov.2017, 06:07 PM) *
That is what a chef would say naturally. But some just do not have the patience for it.Honestly. Also, a chef would probably need to deal with many suppliers, who speak Swedis ... (show full quote)

I can understand what you are saying, and of course the comfort level of the employer is what's coming into play here. There are many non-Swedish speaking chefs working in kitchens here, and they get by just fine. If the employer prefers a Swedish speaker...well, I may not agree with that as always being the best course of action, but it is what it is.

However, the part about how she must be a Swedish citizen? That sounds like a flat out lie. Even for most government jobs an EU/EEA passport is enough, it doesn't have to be Swedish. But for a chef in a restaurant? That seems weird. And if it's about language, Swedish citizenship doesn't guarantee you can speak it. It's not even a requirement, and I know several citizens who can't speak even halfway decent Swedish.

We got way off topic, haha...but I do that when discussing food. ;-) However, the OP's concern that requiring citizenship to work as a chef is a bit weird - makes sense.
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post 6.Nov.2017, 07:34 AM
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QUOTE (Gamla Hälsingebock @ 3.Nov.2017, 05:54 PM) *
The best talent that you bring to a job interview is the one that allows the employer to see if you "fit in" or not with their work environment...

Very true in Sweden. "I'm not here to socialize and gossip, I'm here to work."

"I'm sorry, your work ethic is of no interest to us. Can you sit around for fika 30 times a day and carry on a lengthy conversation in Swedish slang about Melodifestivalen?" laugh.gif
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