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Daycare for infant?

Does it even exist here?

post 28.Dec.2012, 02:51 PM
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A few months ago we had a second child. There's a possible job opportunity for my wife that might start as soon as Feb. 1, 2013. My son will only be about 6 months old then.

Yes, it's not ideal, but my daughter started attending daycare (not in Sweden) when the was about that age as well.
So, please, not interested in discussion on the appropriate age for starting daycare. Thanks.

What I am curious about is if there is even places in Sweden that take children this young. Since dagis starts at 12 months and mothers get so much leave from work, there doesn't seem to be a market infant daycare at all. Are there other options? Also, we live in Malmö and the job would be in Copenhagen...does anyone know if there are more options in Denmark?

Thanks for the help! b, okie.
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post 28.Dec.2012, 10:17 PM
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You can check in your area to see if there is something called dagmamma.
I am not sure if they take children under the age of 12 months but it could be worth a shot.
Good luck!
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post 29.Dec.2012, 11:21 AM
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Subsidised daycare in Sweden does not start until 12 months - sometimes it is possible to start a month early if a place is available - so at 6 months the main options are
- a private nanny/au-pair
- the other parent taking parental leave (as both parents must take a minimum of 2 months or the time is lost)

If you move to Denmark and register there etc then you can get daycare in a so called Vuggestue from the age of 6 months although the quality varies widely and staffing levels can be much lower than in Sweden so you need to do your homework (I had a friend whose kids were in a 0-3 daycare with 20 kids and just 2 staff and she was not happy)
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