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Cost of Living for Expat with Job Offer

Job Offer

post 17.Nov.2017, 03:50 PM
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I am a software developer from the Philippines. I am being offered a job by a company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They're offering a base salary of 30,000 SEK and they break it down to how much I can save with their offer.

30,000 - Base Salary
(4,000) - Accommodation - Exceeding 4000 will be shouldered by the company
(3200) - 1 month expense for food, transpo

Less the tax, they're saying that I can get as much as 16,700 SEK for my savings. My question is that is this accurate?

Additional Info:
- They will shoulder visa expenses, plane tickets
- They will provide the accommodation but take 4000 SEK monthly from me as payment
- They will provide health insurance to my family members in PH
- They will give 1 Round trip plane ticket per year to my home country.

I am currently getting around 17000 SEK per month here in my country. Is the offer worth it? And will I really save around 16,700 SEK?
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post 17.Nov.2017, 04:17 PM
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QUOTE (kempyyyy @ 17.Nov.2017, 03:50 PM) *
Hi,I am a software developer from the Philippines. I am being offered a job by a company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They're offering a base salary of 30,000 SEK and they ... (show full quote)

Well, i wouldn't know how well to answer your questions based on you currently living standard and prospect in life as well.

But then, here is the fact:
1. You can check you take home pay via this link: or see attachment.

2. if we are to go by that link, you should get around 22,814kr in you account every month. which help you with evaluation of other cost.

Since housing is tagged at 4000kr, then you are left with around 18,000kr. Depending on your life style and other expense (food, entertainment and transport), you should be able to save around around 15,000kr every month.

Outside this, the prospect of getting a better paid job is there for you as well depending on your skills set and vast experience too.

If you know your onions so well, you can get around 10,000 to 15,000kr increase within a short time - usually by changing job.

So like I said earlier, the choice is really yours to make but then think it through on future prospective, challenges and growth towards a fulfilling career in this line such as to enable you make a good decision.
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post 18.Nov.2017, 11:25 AM
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Thank you for the prompt response, your insights are very helpful. I wanted to ask as well how much is the telco (mobile data), monthly gym membership, and roughly how much is the monthly utilities for the accommodation.
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post 19.Nov.2017, 10:57 AM
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Usually, you will get a working mobile phone with internet subscription (all paid for by your employer) and a laptop for work. For gym membership, you are usually entitle to a one year tagged price from you employer year to year. The cost for gym membership could vary depending on the type of member and location. Also this price could be below your employer's tagged price or above. If it is above the tagged price offered to you, then you have to add the specific amount for which enables you to complete the membership payment.

That aside, you maybe require to have internet connection at home as well. This goes for roughly 250kr per month. For electricity, it depends on usage per month. For instance, a family of three (man, woman and child), the cost is usually around 230kr there about per month. Like I said, it depends largely on usage - cooking, entertainment and the likes.

If you are living in Goteborg, transportation cost by public bus and tram within Goteborg goes for around 610.00kr for a 30 day period. see link:

So in all, food and other entertainment stuff will also vary from person to person, but I am sure you will have enough left over and a good life.

Like I t=said, before it's worth the chance even for gaining an international experience and you can also make higher income within a short time if you keep at it and you are good at what you do. The need for such skill in software development is ever increasing.

Outside money and career, you will have to deal with cultural shocks and difference cause it's very much different from where you are coming from. I am sure you will like it here.
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