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The Local _ Finance _ Housing renovation cost estimates

Posted by: hereandthere 16.Sep.2009, 06:02 PM

Hello everyone,
I'm interested in buying a house that my wife and I viewed/inspected ourselves today...It is an older house(1928) 2story, 125m timber construction on cement basement foundation.
Apart from a few things, we love the house and have to advise the realtor if we want in on the bidding Monday. That leaves me 2 days to get someone to inspect the house and for us to find out if it's worth it...The price is low, but a lot needs to be done.
Here's what we saw today:
1. Kitchen must be redone/very old cabinets, bad design, appliances may not work...
No moldy smell or stains in cabinets or anywhere in kitchen..
Can anyone give me a guess what this might cost to replace? 25k/sek? 50k/sek? 100k/sek? I know it's impossible to give any accurate estimate, I am just looking for a figure that maybe someone has paid for this kind of work for themselves...I am estimating 75k/sek...

2. Electrical-old wiring throughout house, some new outlets around the house, an indoor fuse box/an outdoor box that looks new... Will rewiring the house cost 25k/sek?, 50k/sek? Same thing about cost estimate-I think Princess said she spent 25k/sek for 3days work? I am going with 25k/sek...

3. Chimney/Fireplace-The realtor said it should be looked at-I agree, although it looks ok to me...Chimney repair cost estimates? I am going with 25k/sek again...

4. Bathrooms-The downstairs 1/2 bath has (now this is weird, to me)- an electric grinder! attached to the toilet!, apparantly because the pipes used were too thin!
This has to go-I want new toilet, new pipes, new tile...Costs?

Upstairs bath look better, but will need again, new tiles, new fixtures, toilet,...cost ideas? I am guessing 75k/sek for both baths...

5. Roof-the roof is tile, and is not terrible looking...meaning, it looks like it is not too old, but it has begun to be covered in the mossy stuff...Can it be cleaned off, and if/when it needs to be replaced, what price am I looking at, roughly?
I am guessing 100k/sek...

6. Water tank in attic? This is for the heating I guess? Anyway, they repaired a leak in it, but the realtor said it really should be replaced...I have no clue-anybody?

We really love the house, the location, etc...At the price it's at, it is a great deal/we know that we will have to spend 100's of sek on the renovations...Just would like some confirmation if my cost ideas are way off, or not...Thans for any ideas!!!

Posted by: Mib 16.Sep.2009, 06:46 PM

Well...based on my experience of getting our apartment repainted and having a new shower room with renovated toilet area, I would probably double the estimates you have. But, you have to think of it as an investment to live in a location you like and you get exactly what you want...sorry I can't be more specific, but I'm sure there are people here who can give you some prices in relation to the specific areas you're looking to renovate. Good luck!

Posted by: hereandthere 16.Sep.2009, 07:41 PM

Thanks-Good points to remember/Investing in somewhere we like, and getting the house the way we like it...
I did find some budget examples on I'm starting to feel more confident in at least hiring an inspector to check things out a little further for us before we start bidding...

Posted by: minde101 16.Sep.2009, 07:50 PM

i am working as a carpenter here in Sweden.
write a email to me i wil consult you wink.gif

Posted by: Mzungu 16.Sep.2009, 07:51 PM

What labour do you intend to use? It can become the most costly item...Carried out a similar project 3 years back,ripping the guts out of an old wooden house, then converting it in to 4 flats,relates to four toilets/showers,kitchens etc. New 'vindskammare',(attic extension) insulation, new roof covering and tiles. Fjärrvämer also installed.
Used imported labour for the project,at then affordable cost +- Skr 400,000.

All material and furnishings were new!

Posted by: hereandthere 16.Sep.2009, 08:34 PM


I don't know who I would get to do the work-the best persons for the best price, I guess...Sounds like your project was a good deal...I would like to be able to do all that for 1 house for 1/2 of that cost...I have looked at ByggMax and, where they list artisans and craftsmen in your area to contact...I don't know any personally...Even if I doubled your figures you had, and divided it by 4, for 1 house...that would be acceptable to me...

Posted by: Puffin 16.Sep.2009, 09:08 PM

To be honest I think that it would be better to get professional quotes for the work - sometimes your surveyor can give you a ball park estimate as well

Posted by: Malibu Stacy 16.Sep.2009, 09:44 PM

Check out for kitchens and for appliances. Using these two to build a kitchen from scratch we paid around 60000SEK..

Posted by: Mzungu 16.Sep.2009, 09:48 PM

Taking into consideration the hourly rate of electricians,plumbers,carpenters etc., it's going to be a costly exercise for labour however you turn it. It's worth while to look into the grey area of expertise for the bulk of the work...

*ask around,they are out there!*

Posted by: Princess P 17.Sep.2009, 08:59 AM

Wiring, yes we paid 25,000:- for 3 days work. That was 1 guy putting in extra sockets and switches and getting all the old ones working. He didn't replace any of the behind the walls wires and all the new wiring was outside the walls.

We have also paid 35,000:- to have the steps rebuilt, which took 10 days. Again 1 guy who took away the old concrete steps, rebuilt the retaining wall to cellar steps, replaced lintel over cellar door and built a new wooden staircase to front door.

We are currently getting the bathroom done. This is a complete renovation. Everything, including all the pipes are being ripped out and replaced. We bought all the tiles and furniture ourselves in England to save some money. The cost will be 195,000:- (less 50,000 tax rebate)

Any further work they do while here will be charged per hour plus materials at:

475:- builder
550:- plumber
500:- electrician

Hope that helps.

Posted by: hereandthere 18.Sep.2009, 10:06 AM

Thank you, everyone for your helpful informative replies!
I think if we do decide to bid, it will be a low bid, which might not win anyway...

We are new here/no jobs, just living on savings/thinking we should buy a house that we can pay cash for/then we will have something to use as a summer house if we have to move back/maybe we shouldn't be thinking like that, but we do...
We just didn't want to use up all our savings fixing up someplace either...are we playing things too safe? unsure.gif

Posted by: Peter #2442 18.Sep.2009, 10:33 AM

Your being sensible,its tough job market at the mo
all the best

Posted by: Princess P 18.Sep.2009, 10:48 AM

We decided on the house we have because it was cheaper than others in the area because so much needed doing, however, it was possible to live in it until we could afford to do the work. We would not have bought anything that required immediate work.

Posted by: Ecosse 18.Sep.2009, 10:59 AM

I have done the same as you plan, bought 1931 house and after 2 years ready to move in.. I have done 99% of work myself.. Had t pay a plumber for insurance reasons, cost was 35,000kr...
Kitchen.. I bought a complate kitchen, mine is 15 square metres, for 5,000kr on Blocket..Installed it myself, plumber fitted the sink and dishwasher, about 2,000kr
Re-wired house myself, used 150 metres wiring, 400kr 50 metre roll from Cheapy, EKK grade, fully certified for Swedish regulations.. Junction boxes nad switches, guess total was 3,000kr.. Swedish electrician is 400-500kr per hour
Chimney ? Probably about 2,000kr to get it checked.. I re-pointed mine for 69 kr, cost of cenment

Tiling bathroom needs to be 3 stages, grundfukt, primer alpha primer beta then tiled... Swedish rules.. I got quoted 20,000kr to do mine.. I did it myself over 2 weeks.. The fukt things will set you back 1500 for 10 litres, yo must also use specially treated gips, impregnated with fibres.. 350kr a sheet!!
My roof was leaking, but just fixed the leaks and will re-tile when i can afford it..
Water tank in attic ?? You sure? It may be an expansion tank for the oil heating, or house is house not oil heated ?
If you got the time and energy, this should come in around 90,000kr..

One piece of advice, you get some great bargains on Blocket, i have bought showers and toilets and doors so cheap...

Posted by: duncs 18.Sep.2009, 12:58 PM

Borgholm, my sambo is a swedish interior designer/project manager so i can put you in touch if your interested.

Posted by: ABCTOZ 23.Sep.2009, 07:52 PM

I have bought land (tomt) recently, Now I am now planning to build house( 2 plan normal house). Kindly guide me how can I proceed for that?
Thanks in advance

Posted by: Puffin 23.Sep.2009, 08:26 PM

You should contact the kommun and find out how to apply for planning permission - there are sometimes restrictions on what you can build

Posted by: ABCTOZ 24.Sep.2009, 07:55 AM

I have permission from kommun, I can build maximum 200 square meter house, I have talked with electricity, water and swerage (avelopp). All paper work is done, now i need guidence. I have investigated little bit about building houses.
There are two solutions
1) Contact with construction company and company builds house for me.
2) Hire people and build house according to my requirements.
If I go for solution 1 then standard house costs 1.6 Million
while I have NO idea about second solution, if it seems that second solution seems bit cheap but I have NO idea how to start ? I need advice for that.
Thanks in Advance.

Posted by: smokin joe 24.Sep.2009, 08:35 AM

we built a new house. very careful about the cost.
add at least 100k in hidden extras ok..
i would never do it was a nightmare i tell ya..water and sewage will cost you a fortune to connect..

in the end it cost us close to 200k in big thing to consider is how far you are from the nearest electric connection
300 sek per meter vattenfall charged us

Posted by: look2know 11.Apr.2018, 09:51 AM

I have like a house in Kramfors. The house roof needs to renovate, the boiler needs to change and the bathroom needs to renovate too. Can anyone advice or guide me how do I calculate this cost after buying the house? The reason I am asking is after buying cost also include the overall price of the house. So I must calculate that how much it would have cost me total and that would be house price for me. That way I can decide to buy or not to buy that house.

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