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Im looking for work!

Englishman needs a chance to shine

post 20.Oct.2016, 02:54 PM
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QUOTE (mathew5502 @ 20.Oct.2016, 01:11 PM) *
Well guys thanks for your replies, but i was kind of hoping some amazing entrepreneur would see my post and rescue me from the hell of returning to the UK without my gf!

It sucks. I know, many of us know, being apart from the one you love, but as someone else said you live somewhere with only 300,000 residents. What's the chance of there being unfilled IT jobs that don't require Swedish? Your best bet is to search for somewhere further out, get a job there and either move or commute, learn Swedish and at least be in the right country. Most Swedes can speak English so when someone has the option of hiring a Swede that speaks two languages or a Brit that speaks one...

Have you considered instead freelance work online? Upwork sometimes have some good proposals (be warned many are SHIT).
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post 20.Oct.2016, 09:47 PM
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Hi! I am Andrew Carlos & I'm working for Centurylink Customer Services, which is a leading tech support company which renders non-stop support to businesses and it’s consumers across the globe. We have mainly focused on making technology easier for the world by offering instant technical support solutions. Call us @1800-505-5614. Which kind of work you are looking for?
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