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Magic mushrooms in Umeå

post 28.Sep.2006, 11:54 AM
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Inspired by The Local?

Anyway, it's in the news, today ...

''Det är främst i slutet av sommaren och i början av hösten som problemet är som störst, men det förekommer också att svampen torkas och brukas hela året. Dessutom finns den att köpa på flera hemsidor.
? Där kan man också läsa exakt hur mycket man ska äta för att få ett lätt eller starkt rus, säger Roger Sandqvist.''

Quick - ban the internet!
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post 28.Sep.2006, 05:10 PM
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That particular species is pretty much everywhere here in Sweden, but you will seldomly find a picture or description of any of the Psilocybins in most Swedish Mushroom Guides, not even in the "Giftiga Arter" section. Some kind of denial that such a mushroom may grow here in abundance. Hmmmmmm.

The picture in SvD is really quite good. There are about a zillion places on-line with identification and dosage guides, preservation techniques, and pretty cool, but complicated ways to convert the extra space in your jordkällare into a year-round grow zone.

I guess the secret is out, but it's not like there is a shortage of them growning out there. Have fun picking, but be sure of what you are picking.
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Dr. Neville Bongwater
post 28.Sep.2006, 05:11 PM
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"Svampen är inte dödlig i sig, men däremot kan effekterna göra att folk skadar sig, hoppar från tak eller springer ut i trafiken." laugh.gif

Hear that, kiddies? Take this drug and you will want to kill yourself!!
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post 28.Sep.2006, 05:17 PM
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"Alkohol kan vara dödlig och kan även orsaka hustrumisshandel, våldsamheter, otrohet, dödlighet i trafik, självmord, arbetslöshet och utanförskap"

The wild mushrooms are easy to dose since they're quite weak and you need to eat around 50 and upwards, before they kick in.
I tried them a couple of times as a kid, and they're quite interesting, but I wouldn't put anything that strong into my body as an adult - I don't like losing control of my mind and having hallucinations either.
Also, they create a nauseous feeling the first half hour, which again is a price I don't find very exciting since I left my teens.

And they taste like crap.

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