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Please help me

My daughter is not yet register

post 2.Mar.2018, 04:39 AM
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Hello. Im currently living in philippines with my kids. 1 is pure filipino and the other one is half swedish. My problem is her father doesnt help me to register my daughter in sweden. She is already 17 months old. And i been asking him to register and send the form that we need to register her.

Please help me and gave some advices what can i do and how will i register her. So we could go in sweden. Thank you so much
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post 13.Oct.2018, 12:38 AM
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How can we answer this? Approach the Canadian Embassy and ask. You were foolish to marry a man you cannot be with, half a world away.
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post 13.Oct.2018, 12:39 PM
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Wow lad, take it easy. She didn't even say she was married, just that she has a kid with a Swedish guy.

I would suggest going to the Swedish embassy and asking there...

How long of a relationship did you have with this guy? Do you even have any information on him? Was this just a hook up while he was on vacation? When was the last time he saw his kid? You said the child is 17 months?

This is from the migrationsverket website.

"Normally a person who wants to live together with a family member in Sweden has to apply for a residence permit at a Swedish embassy or consulate-general in his or her country of origin, or in another country where he or she has a residence permit. The residence permit must be issued before the person travels to Sweden."

So you would have to get your child citizenship first. Then you could apply for a residence permit yourself I guess. Residence permits can take 2-3 years to be processed. Normally you have to wait in your country of orgin for them to be processed. Also, you're other child is not Swedish, so I'm guessing he/she would need a permit as well. Not really sure in your case...
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