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Tom tom questions!

For the novice

post 2.Mar.2012, 09:38 PM
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I am considering buying a tomtom, mainly because every time I drive to Stockholm I get lost. Silly questions (I know) but how does a tomtom work? You buy the thing and than?
- Do you need a contract like a mobile phone? Or pay as you go sort of thing? Or buy the thing and that's it?
- Do you need to buy the maps or are they standard included?
- Which one is good, not to expensive and easy to use?
- How reliable are they? Do I still need to look on the map?
- Can I use it also if I am walking through the woods for example?
- Any tips, comments etc welcome.

Thanks for the info :-)
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post 2.Mar.2012, 10:54 PM
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I bought a Tom Tom when we first arrived in Sweden. It was a "Go" something model. Saved me for the first year, I remember that. No matter where I was, I could always find my way home. I know that most mobile phones offer similar features, but personally I appreciate the large viewing screen, hands free, and the helpful vocals. I still take it with me if I'm driving into a new area. Just in case. Mine came preloaded with the maps, so there was no extra cost once it was purchased. As the maps are already loaded, there's no cost for internet access etc, like you would have with a mobile phone contract. My model came with all of Europe loaded, so it's handy to have on holiday. No need to worry about phone contracts overseas, etc. I think, from memory, I got free map updates for the first year. After then I had to pay. But I haven't bothered with those as there's not usually that much of a change. My model has the fixed speed camera locations loaded in, I appreciate that. I've also downloaded petrol station locations, car parking building locations, and a few other things. All for free. Overall I've found it to be very reliable but you still have to keep an eye out for things like "Bus Only" roads which the Tom Tom often doesn't know about. It's pretty quick at calculating a new route should you miss the designated turn off, etc.

The big downside with the Tom Tom, and I have read the same on-line, is their poor battery. You'll be lucky to get more than a couple of hours without it being plugged into the car charger.

As it relies on the roading network, it's not a great deal of use for off road walking. It'll just get confused and tell you that it doesn't have a clue how to get somewhere because there are no roads.I bought a GPS training watch, and that is perfect for foot work. Most have a "home" function which will guide you back to your starting point.
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post 3.Mar.2012, 02:29 AM
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You can also try Google Navigator on Android.
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