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Iran and the Bomb

post 8.Mar.2006, 04:58 AM
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Hello Carol, I'm not at all keen on being too open, partly because I don't want to get anyone into trouble and partly because I don't want to be stalked by fools like T-bridge. However, to put what I'm saying in context, I've been in Iran several (maybe fifteen?) times over the last ten years on business - nothing to do with weapons or oil or drugs, just civil infrastructure. I generally spent 2 or 3 months there on each visit. I have four good friends there with whom I regularly correspond on a personal level, and my closest friend for the five years I was based in Sweden was an Iranian bloke through whom I met many others. They all had varying views on the government, but not one of them didn't want to change the system, and not one of them thought (or thinks) that the elections aren't rigged, though they disagree on the extent. That said, there seems to be a lot of support for a domestic nuclear power program, and a fair degree of cavalier favour for the country having its own nuclear arms. I believe on the weapons issue that this is mainly on account of the insecurity of the region; It's not simply the US and Israel that preoccupy those I've met, I've also heard mention in declining order of frequency of Saddam's Iraq, Israel, Russia & the US, India, Syria and, on two occasions, Europe.

In total I'm probably only talking about 30 to 40-odd people that I've conversed with in some depth, but I find it statistically improbable that where their views converge, it wouldn't represent a broad (though possibly not majority) view.

Edit: I tell a lie: I met a brother of one of my friends who was a very strong supporter of the government. That was in Khatami's time but I would think he still is.
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*Nico aka the boy wonder*
post 8.Mar.2006, 08:33 AM
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It's interesting how you see the USA as the source if evil in the world.

Im dont think that USA is the source of evil in the world. Im questioning their actions..
I think its interesting that you, a person often complaining about swedes blind and naive trust in thier goverment ask them to blindly trust yours.
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post 8.Mar.2006, 05:36 PM
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Matt--Thank you for your reply. I think that it is vey cool that you have had so much experience in that country. I knew some Iranians in college long ago, and they were extremely intelligent people with a lot to say about their country, its politics, and about their religion. I was very interested in traveling there many years ago--It's great that your work brings you there. BTW--I have great memories of dried, salted chickpeas as a snack, and lovely dates, which my neighbour's mother would send from Iran. Thanks again, and lots of respect.

Edit--Last time I really knew some Iranian people was nearly a decade ago. I knew an Iraqi guy in Holland that I gave English lessons to. Now that I am back in the States, my social life is not really that diverse for various reasons. But great to know that others are interacting with people of different cultures, and my time will come again.

Ha! That last edit was to change punctuation. This will make edit three.
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Roy E
post 8.Mar.2006, 06:04 PM
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QUOTE (Nico)
I think its interesting that you, a person often complaining about swedes blind and naive trust in thier goverment ask them to blindly trust yours.

The threat from Nukes doesn't come from the US, UK, France (hmmm, well Chirac did make some threats recently, didn't he? ), or China.

It comes from much smaller countries with nuttly autocrats like Iran and North Korea who have a lot less to lose by using them. It's 1940's technology. The toothpaste can't be put back in the tube.

And besides, Americans have a long tradition of rebuilding what they break in the course of winning wars (Japan, Germany...). Using nukes is cost prohibitive. laugh.gif
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post 9.Mar.2006, 05:19 AM
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Carol, I think the pea dish is pretty universal around the Eastern Mediterranean. My father's family used to eat something similar, and they're Greek. I haven't read anything by Ayn Rand by the way.
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post 14.Mar.2006, 01:26 AM
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Please President Bush blow them up...fuking nations...they don't have food to fed their children and they wanna make nuclear bomb. can they defeat US with 50 or 100 bombs, never. but they'll kill their own people. To be strong you dont need nuclear bomb but need strong economy.
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