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Using adaptors on UK devices in Sweden

Which Amp to use for which device?

post 17.Dec.2014, 09:13 AM
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Having now arrived in Sweden and beginning to unpack my goods, I find I have brought 3 different adaptors with me for my electrical stuff. They are marked 5A, 7.5A and 10A. I know a bit about amps and voltage from school physics, but I am still uncertain which adaptor to use for which item. Can anyone with more knowledge advise please?

Is it related to the fuse in the UK plug? Some items will have 5amp fuses and some 13amp in the UK 3-pin plug.

I need to use an adaptor with a television, a vacuum cleaner, a sewing machine, a printer, a table lamp and a coffee machine. Does it matter which adaptor I use? I don't want to risk harming the device or blowing a fuse by using the wrong amp adaptor.

I have been successfully using a 7.5A adaptor for my phone and my iPad until I realised that there were different adaptors.
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post 17.Dec.2014, 10:33 AM
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All devices have their wattage stamped somewhere. Sweden is 230 volts so you can use to convert watts to amps. A kilowatt or kw is 1000 watts.

Devices which heat draw the most current followed closely by those with motors. Use 10 amp adaptors for the vacuum cleaner and coffee machine. The sewing machine motor isn't so powerful and few electronic items draw much current so 5 amps is certainly fine for your TV, printer, phone, table lamp.

For our cottage with electric heating, I went to a lot of trouble to see what current would be drawn when visiting and switching everything on in a cold house. The only potential overload we now have is a kitchen circuit where we take care not to use the toaster and electric kettle at the same time.
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post 17.Dec.2014, 12:21 PM
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I'm really no expert on this, but when I moved two years ago here from the UK I brought all of my electrical devices with me and just used a variety of adaptors we had accumulated over the years going to Europe.

The best deal for buying a load of them was from Maplin in the UK and then I had them posted here. (

We have had no problem with any of our UK bought electrical Equipment using different adaptors, although this may just be luck!

My thought process was that as the UK current strength used to be slightly higher than in Sweden a device suitable for the UK would probably be ok here (although I believe the Voltage is now the same).

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post 17.Dec.2014, 05:36 PM
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just wire on a suitable plug. job done.

or if you have some UK 4 way or more extensions use them and swap the plug on that.

I would always use an earthed plug unless there is only live and neutral wires on the unit.
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the kid
post 17.Dec.2014, 10:00 PM
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+1 for that.

Go down to biltema or clasohlson and buy the adapters, things like chargers I have kept english and used a uk 4gang and changed the end cause real chargers are expensive. (long story but always get real it will mess up your phone and such if you dont)

So long are you are not hitting more than 2000w on a ring you will be fine.
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post 17.Dec.2014, 10:53 PM
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Many thanks to everyone for their help once again.
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post 18.Dec.2014, 06:55 AM
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The fuses in your fuse box will be 6-10 A spread over several outlets, so the chance of blowing any of your fuses before blowing the ones in the fuse box is slim.
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